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WATCH: Tommy Fury and Jake Paul Press Conference video viral on social media


WATCH: Tommy Fury and Jake Paul Press Conference video viral on social media: Tommy Fury has returned to the ring and he has returned to the United Kingdom just week out before the fight he is going to be having with Jake Paul, he has skipped the pair’s lunch press conference, the star from the Love Island was all set to face off with the Youtuber Jake Paul. He is going to be facing him for the first time since the month of August and he is expected to be back soon, he couldn’t show up to the press conference because of a family emergency, Paul has claimed that there has been an issue with her mom Chantal but there has been no official reason which has been confirmed as of now. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul Press Conference video

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul Press Conference Video

Fury is going to be headlining his first pay-per-view event in Florida for next month against the Youtuber Paul, the pair have gone back and forth on social media over the last year, they fought on the same card in the month of August, Fury has already beaten the sparring partner of Antony Taylor by unanimous decision. Jake Paul has defeated the former UFC champion, Tyron Woodley, by split decision, Paul and Fury are all set to have another press conference on Monday in Florida in order to promote their ticket sales launch but it is going to be seen whether or not he is going to be back in time.

Jake Paul Statement in Press Conference

He stated at the time that he is pretty upset that Tommy is not here, he stated he is taking care of his mother and he respects it as a person, he stated he hopes that she is all ok and the family is doing well, the Youtube star was in attendance, as well as the new coach of Fury naming SugarHill Steward. There has been no statement as to what has happened to the mother of Fury, it seems like he is going to be coming out with a statement in the coming days and weeks and he is going to be providing insights about what has happened to his mother. We hope that whatever is the issue, it gets resolved in no time and we hope for the best for the family of the athlete, we’re going to be on our toes provide you with further information as soon as something comes under our radar.


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