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WATCH: Tinubdan Falls Accident Footage Goes Viral: Body Of 7-Year-Old Girl Found In Catmon


WATCH: Tinubdan Falls Accident Footage Goes Viral: Body Of 7-Year-Old Girl Found In Catmon: One more tragic news has cached the headlines of the newspapers. According to the sources, the death toll in Catmon, Cebu waterfall tragedy gets up to two, as the body of a 7-year-old girl who was announced missing Sunday was discovered Monday morning, 27th September 2021. In the report, Princess Alastra, 7, was found demised at 11:30 AM, Monday, 27th September, in Sitio Kulo, Barangay Duyan, Catmon. The Catmon Police, Renmark Bantisil stated Barangay Duyan is a neighbouring village of Tabili, where the sufferers were swimming when they were swept by an unforeseen hailstorm of water at the Tinubdan Falls at 1:00 PM, Sunday, 26th September 2021.

Tinubdan Falls Accident Footage Video

Tinubdan Falls Accident Footage Video

The first calamity, Kent Jude Monterola, 17 years old was found in sewage which is in Sitio Kansija, Barangay Flores, Catmon, 14 KM away from Tinubdan Falls on Sunday at 09:50 PM. As of on Monday, 12:30 PM, rescuers were still searching for the mother of Princess, Jacel Alastra (32-years-old) of Barangay Kalangahan which is in Tuburan. On Sunday, 26th September 2021, three persons are missing after they were swept by an unpredictable hailstorm of water that hit swimmers.


The persons who are missing in this tragic incident are a native of Barangay Talangahan, Tuburan employed at the Mactan Economic Zone, Jacel Alastra (32-years-old) and her daughter Princess who is pronounced dead and nephew Kent Jude Monterola (17-years-old). Corporal Gemar Arigo, an investigator of Catmon Police Station said that They were between a group of 17 family members who had taken cottages for an excursion at the falls, which is a famous tourist spot located around 15 kilometres from the town centre.

Tinubdan Falls Accident Footage Video

The rest of the members were managed to run away from the rushing waters after they were caught against large rocks or held on to flora riverside until help came. Arigo stated that “The floodwater came instantaneously. It was raining in the mountain, but where they were present was no rain. They have swept away just like that.” He further added that it was tough to brave the strong current.

Tinubdan Falls Accident Footage Video

In the search operation, the corpse of Kent Jude Monterola was found dead. He was found on Sunday, 26th September 2021 at 09:5 PM almost 10 hours after they have swept away. The rescuers are now looking for the mother of Princess. 2 persons are already pronounced dead and now they are looking for her. Currently, this much information is available just stay tuned with us for more updates.

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