WATCH Tiktok star Francis Trainspotter Video Goes Viral On Tiktok and Twitter: TikTok trainspotter naming Francis Bourgeois appeared on this morning earlier today on 4th October, he went on to delight the ITV daytime viewers with the passion as he was chatting with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofiledb but the question people are asking very eagerly is who is Francis and what is he famous for on TikTok. Francis Trainspotter Tiktok Video Follow Updates on

Francis Trainspotter Tiktok Video

Who is Francis Trainspotter?

Francis is at the age of 21 as of this point in time, he is the person who has captured the attention of the public with his knowledgeable videos about transporting, he is an engineering student from the University Of Nottingham and he hails from North London. He has been interested in railways and trains since he was 4 years old, it seems like his social media fame has now extended. He was profiled by The Times and his appearance which happened this morning.

Francis Trainspotter Tiktok Video

Watch Francis Trainspotter Tiktok Video Online

He has charmed the public of TikTok when he started off with resuming his childhood hobby during the times of lockdown, he started off sharing his videos of transporting outings and now he has over 530,000 followers on the social media platform. There is one particular video that has shown the enthusiastic train fan getting too excited as he was speaking about a class 377 locomotive passing him as he fell out of his chair.

The video racked up nearly 7 million views, the users were loving the fact that he did not let go of his Percy Pigs sweets even when he tumbled out of his chair, he became a trainspotter when he was first captivated after he enjoyed trips to Willesden Junction near his family home which is in North West London with his dad.

Francis Trainspotter Tiktok Video

Francis Trainspotter Tiktok Video Explained

He then went on to explain, he was fixated with these big machines ever since he has had a passion for cars, planes, and trains, Francis also owns a 1980s train worker uniform which he treasures and he even wears it in his videos, he is also loved for the unique angles which he manages to create while filming a video.

@francis.bourgeois Reply to @baldidiot here is a video I made in response to the comments I’ve seen saying I’m fake #trains #trending #fyp ♬ #19 – Aphex Twin

@francis.bourgeois Class 66’s top and tailing a rake of engineering carriages to Fairwater Yard! A very rare occurance happens here😂 #trains #trending #fyp ♬ original sound – Francis Bourgeois

@francis.bourgeois Here is a marvellous CrossCountry Class 43 HST driven by the legend @benji4936 – this was from my day out with @ryan.windridge #trains #trending #fyp ♬ original sound – Francis Bourgeois

@francis.bourgeois Here is a Southern class 377 running Littlehampton to Southampton Central #trains #trending #fyp ♬ original sound – Francis Bourgeois

He has also been criticized by some of the viewers who claim that he is not genuine, he replied to all of it by sharing a picture of him as a young boy surrounded by toy trains and is wearing a railway worker’s uniform and it seems like every viewer was impressed with the knowledge he has when it comes to trains and the enthusiasm with which he spoke about it.


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