WATCH: Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Video CCTV Footage goes viral on Twitter and Reddit: There has been an altercation between two drivers who are making the rounds on Twitter and it is all connected to a nasty car accident which became about bumping the back of the Lamborghini, Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Video, the users who are seeing this on social media are weighing in on the situation, let us take a look as to what is happening- Follow More Updates On

Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Video

Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Video

A man naming Matthew Heller who is an entrepreneur from Florida according to the Miami Herald has taken to TikTok and Instagram to share about the altercation. He captioned the video “he got hit from behind”, he stated his car was hit from behind while he was still.

Viral TikTok Lamborghini car accident explained

Some days back, some videos went viral on social media and have gained huge attention from the netizens. The videos were uploaded on TikTok by the two TikTokers. In the videos, the two highlighted their car crash with each other. The woman who is identified as Maddy Gilsoul claimed that another car owner is responsible for the accident.

VIDEO: TikTok Car Accident Lamborghini Sparks Debate On Twitter

Now, some news clips have also come out that are claiming that the owner of Lamborgini, Matthew is not that innocent as he showed the story of his side in the previous clip. After the crash, the two also had a heated argument with each other. The other video shared by the woman is claiming that the man is at fault and captioned the video, “goodbye to your reputation Matt I will be suing for defamation and slander.”

The users have seen in the footage, a woman is going to approach Heller and is going to tell him that he is the one who has hit her car which is an Audi Sedan. The name of the woman is not known as of yet, she started yelling and was saying he did this to her fucking car.

Then the entrepreneur explained to her that when you hit someone and rear-end someone then this is not how it works, the video is here to watch but it contains explicit language. Matt who is the owner of the Tampa-based company Horn Blasters has a large following on Instagram having 1.1 million followers, the video has managed to gain a lot of attention on both TikTok and Instagram.

Viral Tiktok Video Could Exonerate Woman Who Rear-Ended $790,000 Lamborghini

Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Video

The clip has been viewed 111,000 times by the viewers on Instagram.

Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini CCTV Footage Video

Heller also inserted CCTV footage of the accident, it was obtained from the Mobil which he had pulled outside of, the Audi can be seen bumping into the back of Heller’s sports car.

Twitter reacts on Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Video

It seems like the woman is getting thrashed all over the internet and everyone is making fun of her ignorance stating how can you have the audacity to tell someone that they have hit your car when you are the one hitting the car from the rear end when the other person’s car is in still position.

I mean this is the height of stupidity, she was probably trying to avoid the damage and that is why she decided to play along with this drama but Heller was calm as a cucumber and he explained to her the situations she is in, there has been no statement from the woman who is being seen in the video as of yet.


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