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WATCH: The Roast Of Bryce Hall Jason Nash Video Goes Viral On YouTube, TikTok, and, Twitter


WATCH: The Roast Of Bryce Hall Jason Nash Video Goes Viral On YouTube, TikTok, and, Twitter: Counterblast against the Vlog Squad David Dobrik emerged in the mid of 2021 after Jeff Wittek disclosed that he had been severely wounded by the fellow Blogger. Dobrik notably turned Wittek from an excavator in the middle of a lake for a filmed stunt. Dobrik and Wittek looked to be on relatively good terms until Wittek expressed his frustration at the time of a live stream in the month of February 2022, disclosing that Dobrik had not texted him to check in on his condition, stating that “I am done being fake friends with that motherf***er.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

The Roast Of Bryce Hall Jason Nash

The Roast Of Bryce Hall Jason Nash Video

In an ongoing altercation between Dobrik and Wittek, the ex-member of Vlog Squad declared that he would not be taking part in the show “Roast of Bryce Hall” putting the blame on Dobrik for censoring his set. The roast was initially set to include Jeff Wittek, Josh Richards, Adam Wassabi, Jason Nash, Tana Mongeau, Josie Canseco, and Nick ‘Jonah’ Antonyan as the “roasters.

Jason Nash Disclose Why Wittek Was Cut From The Roast

Jason Nash posted a video describing the situation on the 6th of March, asserting that Dobrik was not the only reason why Wittek pulled out the roast but more so the fact that the sponsor did not like the jokes of Wittek. Nash disclosed that “Seak Geek sponsored this roast…and basically, there was a bunch of jokes they wanted to be cut out of it.”

Nash further added that “I got Jeff to cut 2 of the jokes, but then there were 3 more than Jeff would not budge on, and he stated, I want to pull my set.”

On the 23rd of February, Wittek uploaded a Tweet stating that someone had “attempted to take down half my jokes. At the time, Bryce Hall thought he was attempting to take a jab at him. when in fact, it comes up to have been Seat Geek who thought the jokes of Youtuber were too inappropriate.”

On Monday, 7th of March, the Roast of Bryce Hall was telecasted to the channel of Nash, almost 2 weeks after the expected air date. The roast did in fact feature Wittek, but more as a featured guest instead of actually taking part in the roast itself.

David Dobrik is one of the most prolific vloggers of Youtube. Best known for his over-the-top videos with his friend group “The Vlog Squad”. Dobrik usually films himself and his buddies getting into all manner of shenanigans. Whereas his exploits have to get him a travel show on OTT Platform Discovery+ one of the past stunts of vlogger gathered serious counterblast online after his friend got severely wounded as a consequence.

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