Home News WATCH: Thandie Newton Interview Video Goes Viral on social media

WATCH: Thandie Newton Interview Video Goes Viral on social media


WATCH: Thandie Newton Interview Video Goes Viral on social media: The recent interview of an English actress brought her in big trouble. Thandie Newton has come under the problem of making “patronizing” and “crying” remarks on colorism after she burst into tears discussing the lack of roles for darker-skinned actresses in Hollywood. The BAFTA triumphing actress, broke down in an interview with Sky News while promoting her new film titled “God’s Country” which informs the story of a mourning black professor who confronts 2 white hunters on her property. The Country of God is based on the short story of the author James Lee Burke titled “Winter Light” but has been overhauled as the lead character in the book is an older white man, rather than a black lady. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Thandie Newton Interview Video

Thandie Newton Interview Video

At the time of the chat, she accepted that she considered not taking the role as she did not believe she was “dark-skinned” sufficient, prior to going on to apologize to black actresses that “I am the one selected.” The 48-year-old actress who is mixed race with Zimbabwean and English heritage stated that “My internalized prejudice was stopping me from feeling like I could play this role when it is specifically that prejudice that I have got.

“Does not matter that it is from African-American ladies more than anyone else, does not matter. I got prejudice. Anyone who has got prejudice and oppression feels the character.” Starting to well up, she further added that she “wanted to apologize for every day to darker-skinned actresses. To say, “I am sorry that I am the one selected. My mama like you, My mother looks like you.”

“It has been very painful to have ladies look like my mother feel like I am not representing them. That I am taking from them. Taking their men, taking their work, taking their fact. I did not mean to.” After the interview, bewildered watchers took to Twitter in their droves as they questioned why Thandie felt the require to apologize, dubbing it “awkward” and “cringe”.

Admirers wrote: “Thing is we know about colorism & racism in Television/Hollywood, we know why light-skinned/mixed ladies get cast more. No one actually accused Thandie Newton personally nor expected her to take responsibility. So my question is why crying like it was so unnecessary and achieved nothing. Still cringing at Thandiwe Newton’s meltdown over being the selected light-skinned one.”

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