Home News WATCH: Teddy Mafia’s son-in-law survives gangland attack CCTV Footage Video

WATCH: Teddy Mafia’s son-in-law survives gangland attack CCTV Footage Video


WATCH: Teddy Mafia’s son-in-law survives gangland attack CCTV Footage Video: There are two people which include the relative of the late alleged Durban drug Kingpibn naming Teddy Mafia, they were shot during a brazen mid-morning attack which happened in Shallcross on Wednesday, it has been confirmed by the police that Kesavan Naidoo us the son-in-law of Yaganathan Pillay who is better known as Teddy Mafia has been shot in the leg on Wednesday at around 10:00 pm. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Teddy Mafia Son

Teddy Mafia’s son-in-law survives gangland attack

Person naming Colonel Thembeka who is the police spokesperson has stated, two people are traveling in a car on Table Mountain Road when they came under fire, he further stated, it is alleged that the vehicle which was having two occupants who were traveling along the Table Mountain Road as the suspect began shooting at the occupants.

WATCH: Teddy Mafia’s son-in-law CCTV Footage Video

The suspects who were traveling on the road were in a white vehicle as they flew away from the scene, it has been confirmed through the CCTV footage, there is a white Corolla having no number plate, it was driving to the side of the road and it came to a stop. There was a white Toyota Fortuner which was driven by the victims.

Three armed men jumped off the Corolla and they started shooting at the occupants of the Fortuner and also the people who were standing near the vehicle, in a dramatic fashion, Fortuner frantically speed off, it claimed the side of the curb as the victims were trying to flee and the attackers started to follow them on foot.

It has been stated by Mbele that both of the victims who are at the age of 28 and 41 were rushed to the hospital where they remain in stable condition, the police have filed the case for two counts of attempted murder and it seems like that the case is being investigated by the police as of this point in time.

There are going to be further revelations in the case and we are going to be updating you about the further developments in the case as there are going to be more updates in the coming weeks and days about the story and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with the further developments as soon as something comes under our radar.

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