Home Entertainment WATCH: Sunny Leone Controversial Interview Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Sunny Leone Controversial Interview Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Sunny Leone Controversial Interview Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Sunny Leone is now a most profound name of the Hindi film cinema following which she had been invited to an interview but due to some inappropriate queries related to her past work by a well-known journalist, made her walk out of the show but being a wise woman she decided to continue that interview. This incident happened back in 2016 where Sunny Leone wanted to leave the show in the mid of the show. Now Sunny Leone recently spoke on this incident lets take a look at what happened then with Bollywood Star Sunny Leone. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sunny Leone Controversial Interview Video

Sunny Leone Controversial Interview

Five years back from now an incident took place in Bollywood celebrity Sunny Leone’s life where some irrelevant and inappropriate questions were asked by an anchor. Sunny Leone recently said on this matter that she had been deeply affected by how it recreated, especially due to the reality that no one on the set interfered. Sunny Leone in a discussion with Bollywood Bubble said that those people despised her or had said inappropriate about her for years and then someone slammed her on television but she is okay and she accepted that she was the same person before so it is great that they identify her but that actually hurt her.

Sunny Leone Controversial Interview Video

While Actress Sunny Leone gets support from her fans and industry, the actress also revealed that she decided to give up the show in mid but as showing her guts and wise nature she decided against her feeling. That incident occurred at the starting of her new career she explained. But Sunny Leone is now known for her work in Bollywood, and become a well-known face of Hindi Film Cinema and now Sunny is busy in many big projects of Bollywood, the audience may get a chance to view Sunny in her upcoming movies.

Sunny Leone now becomes a part of Hindi Film Cinema and she wants to forget and leave behind in time her past. But unfortunately, somebody helps her to recall her past but she wants respect whether he is younger or elder, she only wants respect from others. Sunny asked the people on the set where she was interacting with the crowd if she had done something to you people and you don’t think to come and stop that. You guys worked together for several years and nobody thought that it was wrong and it should be stopped, but nobody came ahead for her.

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