WATCH: Slim 400 Shooting Camera Captured on Death Video CCTV Footage Explained: One horrifying video is currently catching the eyeballs and giving goosebumps to whosoever watching this video. As per the latest report, one popular rapper has been killed in a lethal shooting which puts his fans in deep mourning. As per the latest report confirmed by The Los Angeles Times, Rapper Slim 400 was shot and assassinated on Wednesday night in Inglewood. In the report, it is mentioned that Slim 400 was the sufferer of what comes up to be an ambush attack as he sat in a driveway only to be surprising and shot several times. The netizens are watching this video again and again and trying to get all the details related to this lethal shooting. Follow More Update On

Slim 400 Video

Slim 400 Shooting Camera Death Video

As stated by the Inglewood Police Department on Thursday, The shooting has happened on the 8600 block of 7th Avenue at around 07:50 PM. The Police Authorities recognized the victim as Slim 400 whose real name was Vincent Cohran. The Police officials patrolling the area discovered the injured musician on the ground after listening to gunshots. Paramedics gave the treatment to Slim 400 prior to the Los Angeles County Fire Department admitting him to a local hospital for traumatic care. After he was admitted to the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, the doctor declared him dead. Inglewood police are currently investigating the entire matter and collecting evidence and continuing witnesses for the ongoing investigation.

Slim 400 Shooting Death Video CCTV Footage

TMZ 1st reported that the rapper was 33 at the time of his demise, but later on, Police stated he was 34 years old. After this lethal shooting incident, law enforcement sources asserted that a video surfaced on the web which is related to the attack of Slim 400. In the viral video, the viewers can watch that the suspect walks up the driveway, carrying a gun in his hand, and approach the side of the drive of the vehicle where the rapper Slim was seated.

However, it is not clear that what happens next, but the viewers watched that flash and hear the voice of a gun go off, and Slim pounces at the suspect. Bullet shots continue to go off as the musician continues to move toward the street with the gunman. As per the source, Inglewood PD responded to a call of shots fired on Wednesday night and found Slim in bad shape in a driveway. However, there have not yet been any apprehends made in link to the killing.

Slim 400 was born in Germany and grew up in Compton, the emcee was known for songs such as “Piru” featuring YG, “Goapele” featuring YG, and Redrum 187.


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