WATCH: Simon Nellist Shark Attack Unedited Video Goes Viral On Social Media: A tragic incident has been reported on Wednesday due to which beachgoers have stunned and chilled when a man was killed by a shark while swimming in Sydney’s east Little Bay Beach, this was a once in a while moment according to the experts as it is very rare when a shark fatally mauled a human. Since this broke out on the internet people have been curious to read about this incident which is getting everyone’s attention from all over the world that is why we have tried to cover this story comprehensible for the readers of this page so scroll it down and look at all the given below sections of this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Simon Nellist Australia Shark Attack Video

Simon Nellist Video

It has been reported that the victim of this tragic incident was a man from Wolli Creek who was might be 35 years of age at the time of the incident. As we have mentioned above that this is a matter of Wednesday around 4:30 PM Little Bay in the southeast of Sydney city. Experts also have been claimed that this is the first fatal attack that has been registered in 60 years. Follow the further section of this news blog to get more on this trending news of social media as since this news has broken out on the internet this news has created a stir among the beachgoers.

Simon Nellist Shark Attack Unedited Video

According to the sources, a great white shark of around four and half of a meter mauled a swimmer to death and turned down the ocean color into the red with blood and sparked the panic situation on the beach. Reportedly, the heart-wrenching attack happened just 150m away from the main part of the beach that was filled with numerous swimmers, rock fishermen, and paddleboarders. Look at the further section to read what respective authorities and animal welfare associations have said on this tragic incident.

Animal welfare advocate said on the tragedy that took place on Wednesday that the responsible shark for the aforementioned tragedy probably misinterpreted its prey for a helpless seal. The respective authorities are not thinking to kill the responsible shark as they will chase down the shark away from the main part of the beach if the animal is traced up by drumlines at the scene. A spokesperson of humane Society International said the animal likely mistook the man who was wearing a wetsuit for seal during the incident. It is very uncommon as sharks always bite to check out what it is and when they got to know it is a human, not its prey they left them.

Simon Nellist Australia Shark Attack Video

A 35 years old British professional swimmer had been the victim of a fatal shark on Wednesday. A British man named Simon Nellist has become the victim of a fatal shark in nearly 60 years. The 4.5-meter shark attacked Simon Nellist at Buchan Point, near Little Bay in Sydney’s southeast about 4:30 PM on Wednesday. Simon was British and from Wolli Creek. he was just around 35 years old. police have not to find the fatal shark. they are searching for a great white shark. during this investigation, swimmers were banned from the water and most city beaches shut for people’s safety. Live witness describes the whole incident to the police. they said they saw a great white shark vertically attack and land like a car in the water, before dragging the man’s body out into the ocean.

Who was Simon Nellist? Instagram

Mr. Nellist was a driving instructor and he was British but police could not about his family and friends more now. He was a member of the city’s Scuba Diving Social Club and a regular swimmer at the beach, according to BBC Sydney correspondent. A UK foreign office spokesperson said consular staff is in touch with New South Wales Police. On Thursday, surf lifesavers patrolled a 25km stretch of water on Jet skis to find the shark. rather than authorities also use helicopters and drones to find the shark.

What did Australian Authorities say about the incident?

Australian authorities say they are still searching for a great white shark. The state government said its shark experts had estimated the predator to be a great white shark at least three meters. They also searched for the shark by patrolling a 25km stretch of water on Jet skis and also used helicopters and drones to find the shark.

Simon Nellist Little Bay Shark Attack Video

The area’s state MP Michael Daley said locals were shaken by the horrific incident. the victim had been a regular visitor. he came here and swam nearly every day. he also said It is a beautiful day at one of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches, but there’s a real dark pall hanging over our community today.

As per Authorities they are not believed to be planning to kill the fatal shark, and will instead chase the animal away from the main beach, which was packed with dozens of swimmers, paddle boarders, and rock fishermen. According to Lawrence Chlebeck, of Humane Society International, the shark probably mistook the swimmer – reportedly wearing a wetsuit – for a seal when it launched the attack.

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