Home News WATCH: Shooting 29 Palms Marine Base VIDEO – Active Shooter Now

WATCH: Shooting 29 Palms Marine Base VIDEO – Active Shooter Now


WATCH: Shooting 29 Palms Marine Base VIDEO – Active Shooter Now: Recently there are reports on the shooting war fought between marine and unknown terrorists are surfacing over the internet as it is confirmed by reliable sources that on May 23rd,2022. some unknown entity comprising a group of troopers attacked the marine base and opened fire and to counter, shooting commands from marshals office is initiated and this combat turned the 29 palms marine base of san Bernardino county California USA into a war zone and both sides are advancing in the war and tactical affairs to counter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Shooting 29 Palms Marine Base Video

Shooting 29 Palms Marine Base Video

Dismantle this guerrilla attack authorities are struggling and locals are scared and taking shelters to avoid the bullets raining over that area, and in counter-attack some of 29 palms marine base areas are put under the red alert zone and completely locked down. commands to shoot at the site are given to the snipers positioned on elevated towers capable to monitor a wide range.

It is claimed in the recent report that the shooting is a pre-planned base event organized by some terrorist organization but the name is not revealed yet, and also the no of terrorists is not clear but as the weapon authorities found them is said as they are well trained and purposively attacked a  marine base.

Shooting 29 Palms Marine Base Video Today

This sudden shooting event surprised the authorities there as they are not expecting an attack on a troop base but after knowing the situation MCAGCC provost marshals office came into action under the command of the Marshal a counter raid team is created with the best personnel to counter the enemy so that they will not do much harm to the rest units of troops present at the 29 palms marine base, California.

As the marshal’s office came to counter the attack the area is completely locked down as nobody should be found roaming In the area as a raid is conducted and the person may be considered an enemy by mistake or if he comes to contact with the enemy may end up losing his life. people seeking shelters in homes and marine base parking lots.

As reports are coming the base is situated at a 29 palms marine base of San Bernardino County California USA, is one of the entry point to the Joshua tree national Park which is a wild area, and the enemy is suspected to come from the forest route and will plan to retreat through that only it is completely restricted to enter and raiders are hunting the attackers on the base at 29 palms.

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