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WATCH: SHO Police Station Faisal Town Video Viral On Social Media


WATCH: SHO Police Station Faisal Town Video Viral On Social Media: An SHO from Pakistan has been suspended after a viral party video on social media. the was shot from Faisal Town Police Station. This party video was captured by CCTV footage. when the  Faisal Town Police Sation video was going viral on social media after that SHO has been suspended. Station House Officer(SHO) Yasir Bashir Cheema was seen in the video along with Lady sub-Inspector Mehwish and a private worker. when the video went viral on social media then authorities took immediate action on the full matter and SHO Yasir Bashir Cheema was suspended by the higher authorities. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

SHO Police Station Faisal Town Video

SHO Police Station Faisal Town Video

As per the report, in the Faisal Town Police Sation, there was the arrangement for a birthday party in the SHO’s room. it was seen in the CCTV footage, a person was trying to put a piece of cloth on the camera on the SHO’s orders. if you saw the video, a person came nearer to the camera and he took a cloth on the camera. and for some time everything was blanked in the video. When the cake cutting was over they took the cloth from the camera. Another person seen in the video was seen in the video and was full except that to a crime reporter that it was all happen the police station.


This party has become the biggest mistake of the Previous SHO’s life. if he did not take the Party then he did not have to leave his job. he would be differently blaming himself for hosting the party. Deputy Inspector General (DGI) operations Dr. Abid Khan took notice of the incident and suspended Cheema. All situations are monitored by the DIG office. After monitoring the situation, it immediately informed to authorities and authorities took action against the SHO. this issue was not that simple, after going viral on social media viewers started to troll previous SHO.

On the other hand, social media users begin to create fun of the video and gave a lot of suggestions and solutions to SHO and authorities. Some of the users also created posts and videos on the viral video.

A user tweeted on Twitter, ‘ Instead of putting cloth they could have switched the light off’ Another expressed his anger and tweeted that it was very shocking to see police officers involved in such activities.

This is not the first time that Police officers behaved like but it was never exposed this time it has been revealed somehow. so citizens need to be aware of all happing surrounding them.

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