Home News WATCH: Shawn Guetschow Video Shows Cop Kneeling On 12-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl’s Neck

WATCH: Shawn Guetschow Video Shows Cop Kneeling On 12-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl’s Neck


WATCH: Shawn Guetschow Video Shows Cop Kneeling On 12-Year-Old Wisconsin Girl’s Neck: Shawn Guetschow has been designed as a security guard when one of his videos in which he has been seen went on his keens in front of the girl, and this video of him has been released by the school. You must be getting so impatient to be grabbed the details about this video. So you guys are in the right storm. This case has become headlines and also scattered on the internet. As per the, confirmed sources the families of the students are on the protested om front of the school. They all are outside the school and protesting there. Internet is so vast these days that it has been scattered any of the content like a spread web and the users have become so keen to grab the complete details about the leaked and viral videos. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Shawn Guetschow

Who is Shawn Guetschow?

Cop Shawn Guestchow is a security guard at the Kenosha Unified School District, he has been also known as an officer who has been kneeling on a 12-year-old girl at her neck. Hr even half before handcuffing and taking her out of the cafeteria. On Friday, the Kenosha Unified School PDistsucr released a radiated video from the March 4 quarrel at Lincoln Middle School.

Shawn Guetschow Video Explained

Kenosha has been seen indulged in the quarrel and was scuffling with the sixth-grader before collapsing his head ob the table. Guetschow is still employed by Kenisha police, as per the statement though he has been leaving the resignation letter in the school. The school is being placed Guetschow on paid leave. Nevertheless, as per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he filed his resignation from his part-time security job at the school on Tuesday.

There is a statement that has been read that “due to the disheartened incident at the Lincoln Middle School, the family has suffered through the mental and emotional strain. And sie the lack of support as well as of communication, which is being grabbed from the district. I ain’t able to continue my job with the kenosha Unified School District.”

Cop Shawn Guetschow, Officer Is Receiving A lot Of Hate From Facebook And Family:-

Cop Shawan Guetschow is 37 years officer is all set to grab a lot of criticism from Facebook and the family too. The incident has not only harmed the victim but also her family and the others too.

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