Home News WATCH: Samuel Seow Assault Video Viral On YouTube and Twitter

WATCH: Samuel Seow Assault Video Viral On YouTube and Twitter


WATCH: Samuel Seow Assault Video Viral On YouTube and Twitter: On Monday, (28th February 2022), The Law Society of Singapore advised the Court of Three Judges to have entertainment attorney Samuel Seow Theng Beng struck off over his malfeasance in the year 2018, when he verbally and physically abused his employees. The Law Society, represented by Alisa Toh, Dhillon Dinesh Singh, and Loong Tse Chuan, disputed that Seow had not only brought the law profession into disrepute but showed a lack of integrity in the way he painted his version of events to the news outlet. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Samuel Seow Assault Video

Samuel Seow Assault Video

Arguing prior to Court of Three judges on Monday, direct counsel Singh stated that given the context of the offenses was an employer-employee relationship, Seow had a breakthrough in the trust his subordinates placed in him. Seow is presently still practicing. As per the Ministry of Law’s director of solicitors, Seow is a consultant with Woo LLP & Robert Wang.

Seow pleaded guilty on the 27th of July 2020 to criminal charges of engaging in force against Rachel Kang, an artiste, and events executive at Beam Artistes, and Brenda Kong, his niece and an attorney at the law firm of Seow. He also accepted two charges, engaging one more female employee. Seow has not yet been convicted as his case was adjourned for a hearing on his psychiatric problems.

Samuel Seow Recording, Footage Of Assault Viral

The reports of the assault of Seow on the ladies first appeared in the year 2018, with a 30-minute audio recording of an altercation between Seow and his niece going viral. A year after, 2 videos featuring the acts of violence were uploaded online. On the 17th of April 2018, Seow poked the forehead of Kang forcefully with his finger and pushed at the files she was carrying. Later on, he was featured showering slaps on Kong and hitting another female employee who attempted to pull him away. He was finally controlled by a male employee. After his criminal case, the Law Society brought 8 charges of misconduct incongruous an advocate and solicitor against him at a disciplinary tribunal. Seow pleaded guilty to all 8 charges and the hearing on Monday was to decide on his appropriate sentence.

Not a one-off, says Law Society

Disputing prior to Cheif Justice Sundaresh Menon, and judges of Steven Chong and Appeal Andrew Phang, Singh stated the conduct of Seow has been not acceptable regardless of the competence of the worker. Singh said, “(Seow) we must emphasize is a senior member of 19 years at the bar.” He added that the incident had not been a one-off but viewed a pattern of not acceptable behavior over time.

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