WATCH: Sam Smith & His Friends Slap Fan TikTok Video Clip Footage Explained: A video of the celebrity Sam Smith is getting viral all around the web, it is also scattered on the social media platforms on which we will going to see something so unexpected from such a renowned personality. There are several questions hitting your mind and the answer to these questions will be given to you in the article below. You must be wondering what is inside a video that is making it viral and even the fans of him are talking against him. As what he has been done. Follow More Update On

Sam Smith

Sam Smith & His Friends Slap Fan TikTok Video

So this video is so disturbing and it is shared by one of his fans. One of the fans of him was trying to click a picture with him about when she tried to come close to him he had been pushed her on her head. The manner he hist on her head was so bad and known this video becomes a most controversial topic. So many of his fans are in shock how can he do something like this. This is so unexpected from him that he could even involve in such an act and behave badly to his fans.

So as per the reports singer, Sam was out with his friends and family and while he was enjoying with them one of her fans goes to meet him and she just tried to click selfies with him. But she doesn’t even aware that she should face such reactions from his side. So while she was happily busy clicking a selfie with him something so unexpected happened to her, which she never ever thought about. So Sam didn’t consider that the camera was on at that time and he had been got involved in an inappropriate act. She was tried to come to close him but then she was personally attacked on her head.

So when this happened to her, she reacted with some inappropriate words as it was so unexpected fr her from her admiration. And after she posted on her social media account, this goes viral. Now the video has been shared by numerous netizens or social media users. Everyone is demanding an apology as what he had been done is disrespectful. He s being trolled by the users and he is in a bad image after this. Stay tuned to us to know whether he will apologize to a girl or not.


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