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WATCH: Russell Brand Youtube Video Reacts To Will Smith’s Slap Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Russell Brand Youtube Video Reacts To Will Smith’s Slap Goes Viral On Social Media: Having watched his Hollywood career flop and Television work dry up, Russell Brand has apparently regenerated himself as a Youtube conspiracy theorist. The controversial views of a stand-up comedian on the biggest news events of the world have pulled in 5.4 million subscribers to his channels and drawn comparisons to forthright former footballer David Icke, who believed Earth had been hijacked by shape-shifting reptilians. The daily videos of Brand which draw around a million views have so far questioned vaccines, accused the United States of the war in Ukraine, and asserted the Eastern Europe nation’s 2014 pro-EU revolution was operated by “neo Nazis”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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Russell Brand Youtube Video

The 46-years-old, Essex-born Brand welcomes his viewers who he calls “shimmering souls” to “a voyage of awakening together”, to “make new narratives”. These include comparing the liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada to dictator Xi Jinping of China, because of the strict Covid-19 restrictions of the country, and suggesting vaccines are part of a plot to impose “digital IDs” on the global population.

This week he boasted in an interview that “a friend of mine, who is also wedded into the Royal Family, stated that other than the Queen of England I was the most English person she knew.” Meghan Markle who starred with Brand in the year 2010 film Get Him To The Greek and wedded Prince Harry 4 years ago has condemned what she watches as misinformation about Covid-19 jabs, so may want to reconsider their friendship.

Russell Brand Youtube Video To Will Smith’s Slap

It is an extraordinary political rebrand for the wedded father of two, who once backed mild-mannered the bid of Ed Miliband to become a Labour Prime Minister in the year 2015. Among his clickbait titles are They WANT War (And They Are Not Russian), You Have been LIED To About Why Ukraine War Started And They Planned It All Along. In the 15-minute online “discussions”, mediation-lover Brand Shouts, arms jabbed and outstretched wildly towards the screen.

He frequently states that he is not a “conspiracy theorist” but suggests a mysterious world order is conspiring to keep the truth from us. Brand, whose 2-year wedding to singer Katy Perry ended in the year 2012, informed this week’s Big Issue mag that the answer to the problems of the world was greater democracy. He says: “I feel we require to bring spirituality to the vanguard of our politics. What I mean by spirituality is what I call Sesame Street values-community, service, kindness.”

Those on the getting end of his criticism might not watch it that way. Strident anti-capitalist Brand, allegedly worth £10million, does not charge subscribers to his channel. But the tickets to his present political stage tour are £33 and he sells Stay Free T-shirts for £25.99.

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