Home Entertainment WATCH: Rope Free Flying Accident Video of mum’s Bungie death plunge

WATCH: Rope Free Flying Accident Video of mum’s Bungie death plunge


WATCH: Rope Free Flying Accident Video of mum’s Bungie death plunge: A thrill-seeking mom who is the mother of three plummeted 82 feet to her death after a communications mishap resulted in her leaping off a building without having a properly secured “free-flying ” cord as it has been captured in a gut-wrenching tourist video. Even after the ongoing medical measures. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rope Free Flying Accident Video

Rope Free Flying Accident Video

The patient has died even after ongoing medical measures, a local health spokesperson has told East2West  news of the freak accident which occurred on Sunday in Karaganda in Kazakhstan. There has been disturbing footage in which Yevgenia Leontyeva who is at the age of 33 who was seen at the top of the roof of the hotel in preparation for “rope free-flying”.


It is a bungee-Esque stunt that originated by the late Dan “Master of gravity” Rosman in California in Yosemite National Park in the 1990s. There is a man who can be heard saying “I love you” off-camera, the person was reportedly an experienced jumper who is affixed with the safety harness.

She is seeing in the video as she leaps off the roof, the whole process went horribly wrong and there was a sickening thud as the people who were there got completely terrified which includes a friend who was slated to jump after her, she was crying out in shock.

Before the ill-fated jumped, Leontyeva and a friend posted “live it up” and “we are going to fly” on social media which has been stated by the media house East2West. She was given the green light to jump before the organizer could secure her safety line to a tree.

The mishap occurred after the woman was given the go-ahead even before the organizer could fasten her safety rope to a tree which has been reported by an outlet, he was holding the lifeline in his hand when she took the plunge, as a result, she plummeted 82 feet to the ground and she was dragged 12 feet to the sideways into a wall.

The daredevil was immediately rushed to the hospital where she received emergency surgery and despite the best efforts of the medical staff, she died an untimely death and a tragic one too which is so unfortunate, authorities are investigating the case amid suspicion of “negligence” by the extreme sports company. Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased. We will update you further on the story as there are going to be more revelations.

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