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WATCH: Roger Rguilera Accident Video Truck Driver Sentenced To 110 Years Aguilera Crash Video


WATCH: Roger Rguilera Accident Video Truck Driver Sentenced To 110 Years Aguilera Crash Video: The netizens are currently searching for Roger Rguilera who was apprehended in the year 2019. They are curious to know more about him and why he is apprehended? Roger Aguilera was apprehended on the accusation of assassinating 4 people with his truck. His truck hit the traffic and assassinated 4 people. He asserted that truck brake failure was the prime reason for the lethal accident. The investigation of the case was going on for a year and now the court has found him guilty. The court passed the judgment of 110 years in jail as a punishment for him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Roger Rguilera

Roger Rguilera Accident Video

Following the decision of the court, so many individuals opposed and demanded to reconsider the case as they felt like Roger did not have any fault in this. The lethal accident has happened due to the brake failure that results in the demise of 4 people. Read carefully to know about the case.

Who Is Roger Aguilera?

Roger Aguilera was a truck driver based in Colorado. In the year 2019, Roger loses control over his truck close to Denver allegedly due to brake failure. This cause a huge collision of the truck with the vehicles who were standing in the traffic. The outcome of the lethal hit came out to be the demise of 4 people. One social media user wrote, “Roger Aguilera does NOT deserve the conviction of 110 years in prison. What the actual fact. His brakes went out. This was an accident but the boy with an AR11is free to go who INTENTIONALLY assassinated 3 people. Get it together justice system. You are so disappointing. This is quite sad.”

Roger is survived by his wife and children. He is 23-years-old as per the assertion made by some sources on the web. We will update this session if we will get more data on him in the future.

Roger Aguilera Lethal Accident Video

The lethal Roger Aguilera accident that has happened in Colorado took the life of 4 people in the year 2019. Recently on Monday, 13th December 2021, the court found him guilty and charged him under several sections of the law including vehicular manslaughter. He was convicted to 110 years old of jail for the crime he commit. But the general public shows their displeasure with the decision of the court. As break failure is something out of control of the hands of humans. It is a situation that directs to s serious collision.

Roger Aguilera Truck Crash Video

Web-users sign petitions organized by Change.org to reduce the punishment of Roger. Following the decision by the court, JL Transporting services declared “JL TRANSPORTING SERVICES will no longer be doing business in the state of Colorado till Roger Aguilera gets released.”


Nowadays, several netizens have been searching for the 2019 year case in which a truck driver was sentenced to 110 years in prison. The name of the truck driver is Roger Rguilera who is being highly searched on social media. People have been curious to know more about him and why was he jailed. He was arrested for being accused of killing four people with his truck. The investigation of the case went on for a year in which the court found him guilty. Now, a long line of truckers boycotts colorado due to the 110-year sentence for the fellow driver. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the incident so stay tuned.

As per the sources, since the truck driver Rogel Auilera-Mederos was sentenced to 110-year jail, a long line of trucks are boycotting Colorado by driving around it and denying to enter the state. The truck driver was jailed after being accused of a crash in which four people have died in a Colorado interstate. The driver stated that the main reason behind the crash was the brake failure of the truck. The crash was huge and dangerous that took the lives of four people.

After the incident, the case was investigated for a year and now the court passed the judgment against him and sentenced him to 110-year in jail. Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, 26 was driving a semi down interstate 70 on 25 April 2019 in Lakewood, Colorado, when he met with an accident with two dozen vehicles that include four other semi-trucks stuck in traffic, after which a fireball explode that destroyed cars and trucks and killed 4 individuals.

Currently, some videos have been going viral on Tik Tok and several other social media platforms. In the videos, fellow truck drivers are refusing to enter the state as they considered the court judgment is harsh and unfair. A truck driver wrote on social media, “They just offered me $5 the mile to go to Colorado. Do you know what I told them?…No trucks to Colorado. Let’s show the entire country what us truckers can do when we stand together.”

As soon as the video went viral, the netizens have immediately reacted to the news. People have been sharing their thoughts over social media. The Colorado Motor Carriers Associations stated on Friday that they were not known about the serious attempts of a boycott. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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