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WATCH: Rats Sainsburys Video Shows Horrified Shopper Films Two Giant Rats Scurrying Over Fresh Pastries


WATCH: Rats Sainsburys Video Shows Horrified Shopper Films Two Giant Rats Scurrying Over Fresh Pastries: What is the worst thing for a foodie? The wastage of food and being a foodie nobody can tolerate any kind of wastage or mishappen with food. If there is one thing that foodies do not want to watch on the weekly food shop, it is a rodent scurrying over the uncovered food. According to the reports, an Essex Road Sainsbury’s buyer caught video footage of two rats who are crawling across pastries in the store it is the worst nightmare for a foodie. Let’s figure out the entire incident and watch the video footage below. Follow Updates On GetIndiaNews.com

Rats Sainsburys Video

Rats Sainsburys Video

Captured at the Sainsbury’s on Essex Road in Islington, Anthony Mitson first caught the alarming video footage of two mouses scurrying over uncovered croissants. The rats are then viewing running away behind a large refrigerator. Miston initially posted the video footage on his Instagram, but then the video has since been shared by users all over the Internet and every social media platform, and now the video boasts more than 400K views on Twitter.


Reaction On Twitter After Watching The Footage of Essex Road Rodent

As the video of rats made the rounds all over the Internet. The users of Twitter have voiced their views on the entire scenario. One of the Twitter users wrote “This video footage is a perfect and suitable example of why supermarkets need to stop selling croissants and pastry out in the open like this. It is not just the rat it is the flies too…@sainburys@Tesco..”

Another user wrote, “I have actually just eaten a croissant from a supermarket. Ewww”.

One another person wrote, “Make it mandatory for food and eatable items to be kept in the plastic containers where you just put tongs in when you need the food.”

Response Coming From The Side Of Supermarket to Viral Rat Video 

After watching the viral video, a mouthpiece of Sainsbury’s address the incident and informed the source that the Essex Road Store is now being closed in order for deep cleaning.

The mouthpiece stated that “We have strict processes in place to put off pests. Our Essex Road store is currently temporarily closed in order to do the deep cleaning of the store and help pest control investigate this beholding and introduce additional precaution measures. “We are sorry for the inconvenience and this will create a problem for our customers and we will reopen the store as soon as we can.

However, it is not clear that when the Essex Road branch will again reopen.

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