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WATCH: Rat At UBC Cafeteria Viral Video Shows Rat Scurrying Across UBC Cafeteria


WATCH: Rat At UBC Cafeteria Viral Video Shows Rat Scurrying Across UBC Cafeteria: The students of UBC in line waiting for dinner were greeted by an unwelcome guest.  The shocking video is currently making rounds on the UBC subreddit which showcases a worker handling a rat behind the buffet. This incident has happened at the University of  British Columbia Open Kitchen Cafeteria. The video circulating on the web shows a dark-colored rat on top of the grill station at Open Kitchen, a cafeteria in the Orchard Commons residence on the Vancouver campus of UBC. Continue to read to know more about this video. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rat At UBC Cafeteria Video

Rat At UBC Cafeteria Video

Someone took the video on a cell phone, which viewed a rat trying to climb into one of the food areas prior to the employee behind the bar using tongs to get rid of it. The viral video is only 4 seconds long and the person who posted it on Reddit post also wrote a caption on it which reads “Ummm maybe no dinner tonight. It is an open kitchen thing.”

One of the comments on the Reddit post reads: “That technique views that this is not the first time it occurred. Yikes.”

1st-year pupil Isabel Curiston was in line for dinner at 07:30 PM on Tuesday, 18th January 2022 when she watched the rat standing next to the meal. She said “I look up and I watch this rodent coming out of the cracks here they keep vegetables and fruits, and just standing there.

Rat At UBC Cafeteria Viral Video Explained

The rodent pulls the attention of several pupils in the cafeteria. Curiston takes out her phone and recorded the encounter, which concluded when a kitchen worker grabbed the rodent with a pair of tongs. The creature fell to the ground, and the work carried on with his duties.

The service of dinner continues but UBC informed the news channel that the grill station was instantly closed down and properly sanitized, and all the food was thrown out. Open Kitchen is located on 6363 Agronomy Road, at the Orchards Commons Residence.

A statement reads from their website that “From international comfort foods to pant-forward entrees and more, Open Kitchen represents the best of a diverse culinary scene of Vancouver. Keep an eye out for house-made butter chicken, tasty grilled cheese sandwiches, and our mouthwatering vegetarian southwest bowl.”

In a statement to the news website, Colin Moore, the Director of Food Services said UBC was already aware of the situation. Moore said “We are working actively with our pest control partner to address the situation. All employees have been informed and reminded about proper sanitation measures as obligatory.”

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