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WATCH: Rapper YG Banned From LA – Did The Gang Stabbed Drakeo the Ruler? Fight Video Viral On Twitter


WATCH: Rapper YG Banned From LA – Did The Gang Stabbed Drakeo the Ruler? Fight Video Viral On Twitter: A piece of news is coming into the headlines about the rapper YG getting that he is banned from LA. Yes, you read it right that the news of him getting banned from LA was announced by K7. Now, the news has been going viral on social media and getting much attention from the netizens. His fans are upset by this news. His fans are continuously reacting to the news and seeking details about the matter. Several people have been speculating that he might be involved in the murder of Drakeo The Ruler. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the matter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Rapper YG and Drakeo the Ruler

Rapper YG Banned From LA

Drakeo The Ruler was a very famous rapper who is mainly known for his work in the American music industry. He has gained huge popularity and fame in the industry. He was named the most original West Coast Stylist by the Los Angeles Times because he had a unique flow and uses oddly choice of poetic and expressive words in his songs. When the news of his demise broke out, several people were shocked and mourned his death. Several sources claimed that he was stabbed and killed backstage at the Once Upon A Time LA music festival.

Did The Gang Stabbed Drakeo the Ruler?

Nowadays, a video has been viral on the internet featuring K7 in which he can be seen informing that rapper YG is not going to perform in LA anymore. Yes, several people were speculating that the rapper YG could be banned from LA. Later, K7, a homie of Drakeo shared a video revealing that YG is not allowed to perform in LA now. As per the viral video that was shared earlier this year, Drakeo threatened to kill YG if he wouldn’t stop disrespecting or insulting him in the interviews, reported The Sun.

Rapper YG and Drakeo the Ruler Fight Video

However, YG didn’t pass any statement when the news of Drakeo’s death broke out. Apart from this, hours before Drakeo’s death, he shared a message in a cryptic caption that reads, “double-crossers get crossed out”. A group of people attacked Drakeo after a few hours of sharing the message. Still, no one knows what’s the mean of the caption. The police said that two people have stabbed and killed him. The video of the attack went viral on social media and several people reacted to the video. Now, Rapper YG is making the headlines for getting banned from LA. However, the rapper has not confirmed anything yet. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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