Home Entertainment WATCH: Queendom 2 VIDEO Kicks Off Premiere With VIVIZ And Hyolyn’s Performances

WATCH: Queendom 2 VIDEO Kicks Off Premiere With VIVIZ And Hyolyn’s Performances


WATCH: Queendom 2 VIDEO Kicks Off Premiere With VIVIZ And Hyolyn’s Performances: The wait is finally over for the fans of the Korean Television program titled “Queendom”. After a long wait, the second season of the show is all set to telecast for the amusement of its fans. Mnet’s “Queendom 2”  has started. The 2nd season of the Idol competition show “Queendom” features VIVIZ, Hyolyn, LOONA, Kep1er, Brave Girls, and WJSN and the show is hosted by Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation and Lee Young Jin. On Thursday, 31st of March, “Queendom 2” telecasted its highly-fascinated first episode, which started with an introduction ceremony as each group made their grand entry and learned who they would be competing against. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Queendom 2 Kicks Off Premiere Video

Queendom 2 Kicks Off Premiere Video

Later in the episode, they started the 1st round of the competition- a performance of the most representative song of the group. At the time of the introduction ceremony, the competitors learned the rules and what was in store for the winner of “Queendom 2”. After multiple rounds of competition, the ultimate winner of the 2nd season will win a comeback show that will be air throughout the world.

In further addition to this, if any group ranks in 6th place for 2 consecutive weeks ahead of the final round, they will be evicted from the show. Prior to they proceeded, each group had to disclose who they select as their rival. With each group being capable to cast 1 vote and Hyolyn casting 2 (as the only solo competitor), Hyolyn came out with the most votes as both VIVIZ and WJSN select her as their rival.

Queendom 2 VIVIZ And Hyolyn’s Performances Video

Hyolyn selects Kep1er, LOONA selects WJSN, and Kep1er selects LOONA. As the only group that got 0 votes, Minyoung of Brave Girls said “I wanted to get at least 1 vote.” Yuna added, “I thought that we would have to view ourselves better.” The mission for the 1st competition round was to perform your most representative song. On the day of the competition, it was observed that 11 of 12 LOONA members have tested positive for Coronavirus and would hence sit out shooting for the 1st round.

Starting off the 1st performance was VIVIZ, who declared that they had a tough time choosing a song. At the time of their preparation process, SinB commented, “As we have always stated, we are VIVIZ and GFRIEND so there is no reason to exclude GFRIEND songs.” Eventually, the group selected to perform “Rough” and “Time for the Moon Night” by GFRIEND. In the waiting room, SinB’s close friend WJSN’s Eunseo started crying and said, “SinB stated she was not nervous, but viewing myself in a situation where I was really nervous. Whilst we are competitors, as a pal, I felt proud viewing her finish this well.”

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