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WATCH: Peter Stefanovic Video Detailing ‘Lies’ Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Peter Stefanovic Video Detailing ‘Lies’ Viral On Social Media: There has been a harsh video of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson which has been led by Donkeys, this has been a political movement against Brexit in the United Kingdom, this has been projected onto the parliament led by Donkeys, they have shared a projection video on their Twitter page with the caption “the Prime Minister is a liar”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Peter Stefanovic Video

Peter Stefanovic Video

He further stated, Thank you to Peter Stefanovic for explaining this to Millions, the video has been created by London film producer and lawyer Peter Stefanovic, he has shared the video on his Twitter handle, the video has accumulated more than 31 Million views, In the end, Johnson made various claims about poverty, climate change and the British Health system which he debunked one by one.

Johnson also stated that under the leadership of the current government, relative poverty and absolute poverty have declined drastically, Stefanovic has stated, according to the British newspaper The Big Issue, this hasn’t been the first time that Johnson has been condemned for the erroneous statements on the issue of poverty.

The video has shown Johnson’s statement on climate change, including his statement, Since 2010, we have reduced the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by 42% compared to 1990 levels.” However, Stefanovic stated that this was not the case, claiming that “CO2 emissions fell by 39% between 1990 and 2018.”

Peter Stefanovic Video Explained

His statistics can be found on a public website which has been provided by the British Government, the video has been reposted by many of the local media, Stefanovic has been outspoken on his Twitter handle because it got ignored by the National Broadcast BBC, he stated on one of the recent tweets.

We have been working together in order to send a powerful message to the British news program if they are not going to hold the Prime Minister responsible for the rampant lies in parliament then they are going to do it by themselves. It seems like the situation has really gotten out of hand.

There are definitely going to be further details which are going to be revealed in the coming days and weeks, there are going to be further revelations in the story and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with the further developments as soon as possible.

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