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WATCH: Pennsylvania Uber Driver Killed – Police Release Christi Spicuzza’s Dashcam Video Footage


WATCH: Pennsylvania Uber Driver Killed – Police Release Christi Spicuzza’s Dashcam Video Footage: A murder video of Uber driving is making rounds nowadays. A chilling video views the moments leading up to the murder. Allegheny County Police say the suspect got into the cab with the intent to rob the driver of the cab. Prosecutors played what could be their most enthralling proof against Calvin Crew- 20 minutes of dashcam footage from Umber of Christi Spicuzza, viewing the last moments her family will watch her alive. The victim was the mother of four. The suspect Calvin appeared prior to the judge for the first time on Wednesday (30th of March 2022). Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Christi Spicuzza Aka Christina

Pennsylvania Uber Driver Killed Video

The crew is accused of murdering Christi Spicuzza (38 years old) and leaving her body in the wooded area in Allegheny County in the month of February. In the courtroom, prosecutors played the clip of the dash camera captured by the rear-facing camera of Spicuzza that she operated at the time of her trips employed as an Uber driver, as reported by KDKA-TV.


Christi Spicuzza: Pennsylvania Uber Driver Killed Video

The clip shows a man who cops believe to be Crew entering the vehicle of Spicuzza. She attempted to talk to him, even asking him if he had a nice day, but he did not answer. His hood is up and he is seen wearing an all-black face mask that covers all but his glowing eyes is viewing. He sits still, only numbing a word or two. 10 minutes into the ride, Spicuzza cheerfully asks.

How did Christi Spicuzza die?

He mumbles and Spicuzza states, “That is good”. 18 minutes into the ride, cops say Crew inches to the middle of the back seat and then takes out the gun, grabs her ponytail of Spicuzza, and presses the pistol to the back of her head. This occurs instantly following Spicuzza pulling up to the destination of the trip and asking him which side of the street he wants her to pull towards.


Spicuzza remains tried to be calm and stated, “Stop it man” and “Why are you doing this?” She also heard stating that “I have 4 kids, what are you doing?” The crew reportedly answered, “I have a family too. Now drive.” After that Spicuzza stated, “I can not do that. Why are you doing this?” The crew reportedly answered, “Finish the trip, and now the drive.”

In the final seconds of the video, Crew reportedly grabs her cell phone of Spicuzza and then pulls down the camera. Investigating officers say Crew made Spicuzza drive for 1 hour while going through her banking application prior to killing her. KDKA-TV reports that the family members of Spicuzza were inside the courtroom Wednesday and looking upset after watching it.

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