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WATCH: Paul Scholes Video doing something grim to his daughter goes viral


WATCH: Paul Scholes Video doing something grim to his daughter goes viral: It seems like the legend of the Football club and a former player of Manchester United has been filmed as he is appearing to bite his daughter’s toenails, he is regarded as one of the finest players in the premier league history but it seems like he is also a weirdo as it is evident in the video. It seems like the former player has a liking for toenails which got filmed chewing on his daughter’s toenails, the video was posted by the daughter of player, she shared the clip of her father biting on her toenails and she stated it to be “true love” which is something weird to say to something like that. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Paul Scholes Video

Paul Scholes Video

He is the player who has such a brilliant brain for Football, he has been part of the legendary Devils team, the team was the most fearsome in the league and he was one of the key players who knew the game of football in and out and he has helped his team in so many during those years of glory.


After knowing and after seeing him all these years is one of the best in the sport of football, it is weird to see him biting on her daughter’s toenails and people’s reactions are too funny, many of them are feeling weird after seeing this which is no brainer as biting someone’s toenails is weird in itself but then calling it “true love” in bizarre.

Paul Scholes Video Explained

This is something that is going to be used as meme material by the football fans and surely you are going to be seeing so many of them in the coming days and weeks, people are commenting on the video saying this is just straight-up weird if they want to call it love then who are we to question them but it is not going to change the fact that this is going to be considered as weird.


People have pounced on the video and they are using it as meme material now which is the best thing that can be done of this weird video which is being stated as “love”, someone needs to tell them that it is just unhygienic putting someone’s toenails into your mouth and we hope they both realize this.

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