WATCH: Park City Shooting Video: The news is coming from Lancaster in Pennsylvania, there are at least six people who got injured after gunfire rang out inside the mall in Lancaster, this has happened on Sunday the afternoon, it has been stated by the authorities, there were several males who were arguing inside the Park City Center Mall. Follow Updates on

Park City Shooting Video

Park City Shooting Video

There were multiple shots which were fired, three men and a woman who got shot during the incident, it seems like all of the four victims were expected to survive, it has bee further stated by the police that two other females have suffered minor injuries they were trying to flee to the mall after the shooting.

Watch Park City Shooting Video Online

A video got shared on social media which captured a flurry of emergency responders who rushed to the mall’s entrance which was located at 142 Park City Center. Police stated that there were multiple people who were taken into custody by the authorities at the time.

It is unclear if the gunman has been arrested or not, it has been stated by the police that they are pretty saddened and they are angry about the unfortunate situation surrounding the incident, this has been stated by the spokesperson of the mall. This seems to be a developing investigation and they stated they need to direct them to their partners at Lancaster PD and PA State police.’

Park City Shooting Video Viral On Social media

Hana Ali who is the owner of Tabarek International Food, heard the gunshot outside her store as she was inside the mall, one of the bullets struck her store and she has stated, there was another bullet which shattered the glass of the Sephora store which was next door.

It was pretty scary as she stated, they went to the back and they were hiding as she recalled that there were people who were trying to put the gunman down, at the time he was holding the gun and he put it in between his legs and there were three of them who were trying to get him not to shoot.

The mall is going to remain close until Monday if there are people with any kind of important information on the shooting, citizens can contact the authorities on the number 717 735-3301. It seems like there are going to be further revelations in the case as we head-on in the coming days and weeks.


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