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WATCH: Paraplegic Cat Defies Handicap to Dash Across Carpet Video Viral on social media


WATCH: Paraplegic Cat Defies Handicap to Dash Across Carpet Video Viral on social media: A cute delightful video is currently roaming all over the Internet. A ginger tabby whose name is George has struck a guest for disabled pets everywhere with a stimulating video showcasing the paraplegic cat’s impressive speed on 2 paws. George only turned 1 in August but he has had to conquer so many difficulties in his young life already as an orphan cat who is not able to use his 2 back legs. He is never let any of that hold him back though-quite literally, in fact as the video uploaded on TikTok showcasing turn of pace demonstrated. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Paraplegic Cat Defies Handicap to Dash Across Carpet

Paraplegic Cat Defies Handicap to Dash Across Carpet Video

In the uploaded video clip, shared to the incredibly named account two paws. drive, the carer of George gives admirers a demonstration of the young cat’s incredible speed. Falling a treat at one end of their apartment for the cat to amuse, the cat’s human associates then dashes over to the area of the kitchen.


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It only takes a single shake of the cup holding the cat treats to get George drifting over to where his carer is standing, with the active feline manifesting a speed that disobeys the status of its two-paw. Rewarding for its efforts with another cat treat, the exploits of George did not go unobserved on social media, with the video clip of his fast and furious showcase above 26 million views at present.

Even the netizens are fast enough to praise his efforts. MeghanFreyTag loved the video and commented on that, “That is what I call front-wheel-drive” whereas another user TheBohoBeachBum commented that, “George is superb. One more user, Khytheguy wrote, “His back legs are just along for the ride. Whereas Josephine Naylor commented that George “puts the leg in parapLEGic”.


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One user was stunned after watching the speed and said, “He is fast to that point that is frightened.” Whereas Dakota Miles asked, “Do George’s legs rubbing against the ground continuously not cause any damage to its skin?” In this reply, the uploader of the video said, “It surprisingly does, he grows sufficient fur under its legs so that its skin is not in direct contact with the ground.”

As George is paraplegic, he is unable to use a litter tray, which means he gets by with a nappy cat that requires to be changed three to four times a day. Apart from that, he directs a normal feline life, with several of his exploits chronicled on the Instagram handle.

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