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WATCH: NBA’s Player Jaxson Hayes Demanded To See A Warrant Before Shoving LAPD officer Video Goes Viral


Jaxson Hayes Video Goes Viral On Social media, There has been an unusual case of a police officer from Los Angeles who has briefly pressed his knee onto the neck of an NBA player Jaxson Hayes Video, He is player from New Orleans stated to him that he cannot breathe which happened seconds before another officer came in and used a taser on him during the struggle.

Jaxson Hayes Video

Jaxson Hayes Video

This has been recorded through a body camera video on Friday. The officers went to the home Hayes which is in Woodland Hills, this happened on the 28th of July at 3:00 am after the cousin of his girlfriend called 911, it was stated by the cousin to the police, Hayes girlfriend has stated to her about him becoming violent and getting loud and she was scared of him.

Hayes was not armed, the conversation became argumentative as the officers told him he cannot enter his home, for now, his girlfriend and her cousin were trying to tell him to cooperate with the police rather than struggling with them as they were trying to subdue him, he was then booked into the jail as he was resisting arrest as he got evaluated at a hospital for some minor injuries.

It has been stated by the attorney of Jaxon Hayes, he is a nice young man and he is back at the home as he is working out preparing for the upcoming season, the name of the attorney is Mark Baute who stated this in a statement he gave on Friday.

The LAPD Force is looking into the case as there is a possibility about Hayes being mistreated by the officer as they applied force to his neck during the arrest which was unnecessary, it has been stated by the police, they have presented this case to the prosecutors and now they are going to be deciding if they want to press the charges or not.

One of the elbows of the police officer got injured when Hayes shoved him into the wall, it has been further stated by the authorities, his girlfriend has denied to cooperate when it comes to the investigation.

The case has come into highlight because of the tragic case of George Floyd who was dead in the year 2020 adn there have been many debates about police officers being disrespectful and questioning black people for nor reason other than they being black and the case has a similarity as Hayes was having breathing issues when force was applied on him by the officer and it sounds somewhat similar to what has happened with Derek Chauvin.

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