Home News WATCH: Mountain Goat Kills Grizzly Bear Video Viral on Social Media

WATCH: Mountain Goat Kills Grizzly Bear Video Viral on Social Media


WATCH: Mountain Goat Kills Grizzly Bear Video Viral on Social Media: It seems like the Goat’s horns pierced the unfortunate bear in the neck and the armpit. After a goat got attacked by a Grizzly bear, the mountain goat seems to have fought back, the goat used its horns to impale and kill the furry predator, this has been stated by Park’s Canada after they analyzed the body of the bear.

Mountain Goat Kills Grizzly Bear Video

Mountain Goat Kills Grizzly Bear Video

The body was discovered by Hikers of the 154-pound female grizzly bear, it was found on a popular hiking route on 4th September, the body was immediately airlifted by Park Rangers from the trail to make sure that it doesn’t attract additional predators and not to put hikers in danger.

The officials weren’t sure as to what has killed the female grizzly bear, it appeared to have been stabbed by something, the injuries were around her neck and her armpit, there was a necropsy which is an animal autopsy was carried out and the remains have revealed a surprising culprit.

It has been stated by a wildlife ecologist naming David Laskin, the forensic necropsy has confirmed subsequently that the wound which has been incurred before the bear’s death was consistent and they are having a size and shape of a mountain goat horns, the locations of thew wound on the Grizzly bear’s armpit and neck suggests that the goat was being attacked by the bear and it was able to pierce the bear with its horns.

It has been further stated by the expert when grizzly bears attack, they tend to go for the head, back of the neck, or the shoulders of the prey and it usually happens from above, so in turn, the defensive response of the mountain goat is going to be protecting itself using its sharp horns.

It is very rare for a mountain goat to survive a bear attack, let alone killing the bear, this is something which is totally unheard of, There are other cases which are being seen of the mountain goats defensively killing bears, it has been further stated by  Laskin, this is not at all a surprise, mountain goats are pretty strong animals and they can defend themselves with full force.

In the most recent scenario, the bear was quite small as compared to an average healthy bear, this has been stated by the National Wildlife Federation that a healthy female bear can reach up to 880 pounds which is five times more than the weight of a dead Grizzly bear.

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