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WATCH: Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller Jailed After Attacking Pentagon In Viral Video Over Afghanistan Withdrawal


WATCH: Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller Jailed After Attacking Pentagon In Viral Video Over Afghanistan Withdrawal: There is a Marine Lt.Col. Stuart Scheller, who is the person who has gone viral for blasting the military’s leadership amid the chaotic withdrawal of American soldiers from Afghanistan, he has been sent to the brig according to the reports which have recently come.

Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller

Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller Video

It has been stated by the father of the officer, all there has the son has done is ask a question which everyone has been asking themselves but it seems like they were pretty scared to speak out, the name of his father is Stu Scheller Sr, he told this to Task & Purpose, he is trying to ask for accountability.

His father has even asked for an apology for the mistakes but they couldn’t even come up with a sorry which is just mind-blowing to him, Scheller first rose to internet stardom as he posted a video on Facebook he was blasting military leaders for the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan as he was questioning their command decisions over the course of events.

Scheller went on to release some more videos, he gathered a lot of praise and controversy while he was trying to expose the wrong practices which are going on in the department, eventually, he was told by the superiors to stop posting such videos on social media which he immediately ignored as he posted about the gag order.

Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller Video Explained

Scheller is currently in pre-trial confinement, this has been stated by a spokesperson for Training and Education Command as they stated about the status of the officer, the time, location and date of the proceedings haven’t been decided as of yet, Lt Col. Scheller will go under the process of the system.

He stated he is asking for the same accountability which they expect of him and his men who were there fighting in Afghanistan, there are so many army veterans who have come forward supporting what he has done, it seems like this is going to be affecting his position in the army but the militant still went ahead with it.

It shows there are many loopholes in the system, even when we talk about the biggest organizations in the world, there are many aspects which need to be discussed in a proper manner and we hope this case starts up the discussion as to what has gone wrong in all of these years which the country can work upon.

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