Home Entertainment WATCH: Marco Gumabao and Ivana Alawi Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Marco Gumabao and Ivana Alawi Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Marco Gumabao and Ivana Alawi Video Goes Viral On Social Media: The internet is talking about Marco Gumaba and Ivana Alawi who are together because of a video which went viral recently, if anyone of you was on TikTok yesterday dating to 12th October, then you must have noticed one of the trending videos which is coming from the Philippines. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Marco Gumabao and Ivana Alawi Video

Marco Gumabao and Ivana Alawi Video

The video is of Marco and Ivana who are at a karaoke bar with their friends and upon closer inspection, it was seen that Marco intentionally touched Ivana’s thigh about which she seemed to be comfortable, the video has started off the speculation about the two dating each other.


It has been further known that the video is kind of old, in the video, her hair ends right above her shoulders but as of now, her hair is already below her shoulders. Another thing which came to notice has happened in the pandemic because of a strict social distancing and the guidelines at the time of quarantine which was going on in the country.

Marco Gumabao and Ivana Alawi Video Explained

On 12th October, Marco had an online press con for the new show Julia Barretto which is titled Di Na Muli, the press asked about the viral video of the two, was stated by Marco that he is inspired, Julia then spoke to her longtime friend and assured the press about Marco talking about his personal life when he is ready to do so.

Marco Gumabao and Ivana Alawi Video

It seems like everyone is in total shock and he still seems to be overwhelmed with the questions that are coming his way about his personal life, Ivana hasn’t addressed the issue as of yet, there is not much to the story, they haven’t spoken about their relationship, it could be that they are not together anymore because it was an old video.

Speculations and rumors are an integral part of the internet as such topics are always trending on the internet, people like to know about other people’s personal life which is the nature of humans as we are curious about things and especially about the personal lives of other people.

We will update you further if we get to know about their trajectory, until now both of them haven’t answered the curiosity of the fans and if they do in the coming days or weeks then we will definitely update you about it.

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