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WATCH: Mamelodi Gangster Shot Dead John Wick Mamelodi Video Viral Footage on Social Media


WATCH: Mamelodi Gangster Shot Dead John Wick Mamelodi Video Viral Footage on Social Media: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines that has shocked everyone very much. The people have been stunned hearing something like this. Yes, we are talking about the recent case of death rate in Pretoria Mamelodi where every one person is losing his life due to factional battles. The news is getting viral on social media rapidly. This news has wrenched everyone’s heart badly. It has been said that the killings are related to Mamelodi John Wick. Since the news went viral, everyone is searching to know more about this matter. In this article, we have brought some essential details about this matter so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

John Wick Mamelodi Video

John Wick Mamelodi Video

As per the reports, the killings of Pretoria Mamelodi has been increasing every day as the case of death are getting high and high due to factional battles. In these killings, there are many reports are coming of death of many well-known individuals and ordinary residents as well. According to the residents’ statement, all these killings are happening to take revenge between criminal groups as they are fighting for power in Mamelodi. The residents stated that every day several people are killed. WATCH: John Wick Mamelodi Video Viral on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

The social media users of Mamelodi have linked the killings to a movie series John Wick of the united states. In the film, there is a character called John Wick who hunted and killed the people who were against him. Same as the movie, these killings are also targeted at rival groups but some ordinary residents have also been killed. One of the community members said that everyday police come and collect dead bodies from their area.

One of Mamelodi’s residents shared a murder scene on social media in which it was shown that a car had several bullet holes and the owner was dead inside the car. After getting the news of these incidents or viral posts, many people have expressed their sorrow over the killings. Currently, the name  John Wick is trending in Mamelodi. A resident stated that being an individual, he is targeting a well-known group named Bokoharam which is dominating the area in terms of crimes. WATCH Mamelodi’s ‘John Wick’ strikes again!

John Wick Mamelodi Video Viral Explained

According to some reports, Mamelodi is divided into rival criminal groups known as Bafarasai and Bokoharam. These two groups were formed by the unemployed youth with the aim of controlling the whole town. Some community members have appealed to the police to take some steps to prevent deaths in the area. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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