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WATCH: Leopard Seal Attack Video NSRI Appeals For Public Caution, 3 Spearfishermen In False Bay


WATCH Leopard Seal Attack Video NSRI Appeals For Public Caution, 3 Spearfishermen In False Bay: It has been warned by the National Sea Rescue Institute to the divers, spearfishermen, paddlers, surfers, and bathers to be cautious as there has been an incident of a leopard seal attack in False Bay in Cape Town on Sunday, according to NSRI, Jerome Peterson who is at the age of 24 were accosted by the aggressive animal when it comes to spearfishing in False Bay.

Leopard Seal Attack

Leopard Seal Attack Video

First of all the Seal targeted Peterson and he got bitten on the leg by the seal, at that time he turned his attention to the other spearfisherman who is relentlessly bumping and biting them while they desperately tried to get back to the shore. The seal snapped and broke off their flippers, they disarmed them of their spearguns and they gave them some serious bites, puncture wounds and there have been some soft tissue injuries.

They fought for over half an hour before they finally reach the shore exhausted and they were bewildered with what had transpired during the time, there were members of the public on the shore, they saw the situation and they raised alarm, the NSRI responded immediately.

At the time of the arrival on the scene, they were fortunately out of the water and were out of danger, they were treated by CMR paramedics for the injuries, the NSRI recovered some of their equipment which was still floating at the sea, the three men have experienced spearfishermen, they managed to survive because of their experience in the profession.

Their fitness levels were top notch and the state of the equipment they had with them was beneficial and all of this came into work which has saved them from the attack of a leopard seal. Jerome was wearing a 5-millimeter wetsuit which has saved him, it has not been stated as to what has caused this outbreak.

The aggressive encounter was out of nowhere, it has been warned by marine scientists that leopard seals are known to be dangerous, the marine authorities were appealing to the public to be cautious around sea animals in general, it has been stated by NSRI.

We are going to be updating you further if we get any kind of update on the story, this is all which is there to be known as of now, if there are going to be more revelations then we are going to be updating you as soon as something comes under our radar.

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