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WATCH: Len Cloete Video, Man In Coma After Being Shot By Police, Explained


WATCH: Len Cloete Video, Man In Coma After Being Shot By Police, Explained: There is a video which is making rounds on the internet, the video allegedly shows Len Coloete who is believed to be an owner of a gym in Rietvleirand east of Pretoria, he got injured during an altercation with the police at a Muldersdrift lodge, it seems like he is coma right now and is admitted in the hospital. He has been shot in the head by the police during an altercation in the early hours of Saturday morning, Len Cloete who is believed to be an owner of a gym has been injured at a Muldersdrift Misty Hills Lodge, the video seems to be making rounds on social media. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Len Cloete Video

Len Cloete Video

A man who looks like Cloete can be seen drawing a gun and cocking it during a heated argument with the police officers, there is a female officer in the video who can be heard saying, “now you are playing dangerous” and the officers went on to draw their guns towards him, just in case if he tried to be sneaky.

After some moments, Cloete decided to grab the female police officer’s gun after which an officer shot him in the head which caused him to fall on the ground, according to the police spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Sello, police responded to a complaint which was against Cloete who was causing chaos at the guest house by fighting with the staff members.

Len Cloete Video Explained

Cloete insulted the police at the time and he assaulted two of them with his fists before he aimed his firearm which could not cock, this has been stated by the female officer. According to the investigation, the manager of the lodge requested Cloete to leave the premises and the lodge is going to refund him but he refused and things escalated quickly.

The manager and the security followed him to the room and requested him to leave, he became more aggressive after this and the police officers were called off to handle the man, as they arrived he started off fighting with the officers as he took his firearm out of the bed drawer and he cooked it, one bullet fell out at the time and it has been alleged that he disarmed a police officer his firearm.

There are going to be further revelations in the story in the coming days and weeks, we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar regarding the story.

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