WATCH: Lawrence Masinge Video Personal Fitness Instructor Shot Dead In Zoom Video Call: There is a case of an armed robbery who has shot and killed a popular Gauteng personal trainer named Lawrence Masinge, he shot him multiple times in front of more than 200 people who were in an online zoom video call training session which he was taking on Wednesday night, it was one of the regular sessions which he used to take. Follow More Update On

Lawrence Masinge Video

Lawrence Masinge Video

One of the members of the online class at the time witnessed the murder, she has spoken to the South African presenting a condition of anonymity because she is scared for her life, she said that the class had logged in at around 6:30 pm for a routine workout with Masinge.

As 36 minutes mark hit the class, she heard a loud bang when it comes to the first gunshot, at around 7:10 pm, she was working out when you are working out through zoom, you tend not to look at the computer, she heard a loud bang and she ran to see what has happened and that is when her husband ran to the screen and stated that this guy is getting shot, he meant the personal trainer Masinge.

Personal Fitness Instructor Shot Dead

They were watching a guy shooting at him multiple times and then he ran back and he shot him in the head again for about three times, it seems like he wanted to make sure that he was dead, by the time everyone was unmuted and they were asking as to what is going on, the music was still playing in the background.

She stated his clients who were online at the time, have been trying to find out as to where Masinge lived to send for help when a woman appeared on the zoom call screen and she called for help on a phone, it was forty minutes already and he was still lying there cold.

Authorities Involvement In Lawrence Masinge Shot Dead In Zoom Video Call

The police arrived with the paramedics, they asked them some questions and were asked if anyone had any kind of footage at the time, his family seems to be in total shock, and all of his clients who were pretty close to him, all have come out on the internet and are providing his family with love and are giving tributes to him.

There are going to be further revelations in the story in the coming days and weeks and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further information as soon as something comes under our radar, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, he is always going to be missed.


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