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WATCH: Las Vegas Student Violent Attack Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Las Vegas Student Violent Attack Video goes viral on social media: A shocking video has been surfacing on the internet and gaining huge attention from people. The video is about a Las Vegas student who is beating another girl brutally. Yes, the video is getting viral on several social media platforms and the netizens are shocked after watching the video. It was really a disturbing video as the student was banging another girl on the head multiple times, while all other students were laughing. There are several people who want to know what exactly happened and how is the girl right now? In this article, we are going to give you all the information about the video. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Las Vegas Student Violent Attack Video

Las Vegas Student Violent Attack Video

Recently, a shocking video has surfaced showing a Las Vegas student who is banging another girl on the head dozens of times, while other classmates were standing around and laughing. The identified girl was spotted beating another girl who raises his hand to protect himself from a barrage for the first eight seconds of the clip, which was filmed in a Las Vegas high school classroom. This disturbing video has been circulating all over the internet widely. The viral video has been viewed by many people who are continuously reacting to the video and sharing their thoughts on the matter.

In the video, a person is heard shouting at the attacker student who is expected to be the teacher. She was heard yelling, “Stop! Stop! Stop! Get off of her!”  However, the brutal beating didn’t stop and all other students can be heard laughing aloud in the video. In the remaining 10 second video, the victim girl stops rescuing herself and places her battered head on the desk. As per the reports of KTNV, it is not clear what injuries she had or what was the reason behind the attack. However, the unnamed suspect is under police custody with battery and faces additional charges, Lt. Bryan Zink, Clark County School District police told News 3 Las Vegas.

In an email, Zink said, “We encourage any student who witness crimes like this or who find videos like this to let us or school staff know.” The district released a statement stating that the school authorities are aware of the matter and are now taking strict actions regarding the incident. Ronnie Guerzon, Las Vegas High School principal sent an email to the parents telling them about the incident. We will update you soon with further information about the incident till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

A Shocking Video has come from Las Vegas. A girl violently attacked her classmate. no one tried to save the girl when she was biting. let us have the full news in detail. The unnamed girl had seen unstoppably biting to her classmate, the girl lift her hands to protect herself from the barrage for the first eight seconds. this biting video had been viral on social media. the viral video had been filmed in a Las Vegas High School Classroom. the other girls were standing there but no one trying to save her, rather than they kept laughing continuously. when the teacher saw the incident the teacher is heard yelling at the attacker, “Stop! Stop! Stop! Get Off of her!”. but the brutal beatdown continuously, and students were heard laughing. The victim could not able to do anything to save herself. she was defending herself in the remaining 10 seconds as per the graphic footage but brutal rests her battered head on the desk. According to KTNV reporting, It was unclear what injuries she suffered or what sparked the attack.

What punishment got the Brutal?

According to News 3 Las Vegas, Brutal was arrested by Clark Country School District Police Lt. Bryan Zink. her name is not clear yet. The unnamed suspect has been got charged with battery and may face additional charges. Lt. Bryan Zink told the news outlet in an email, “We encourage any student who witness crimes like this or who find videos like this to let us or school staff know”. The district also said in a statement to KTNV that the “school administration is aware of the matter and is taking this incident seriously.

How is the going investigation?

CCSD is investigating every report relating to the bullying case. CCSD is also taking responsibility for taking appropriate action if needed. Right now we are unable to discuss individual student disciplinary matters due to privacy laws, CCSD said. However, in general, students can face administrative investigation action at the school. it is possible to be referred to law enforcement for knowing the actual issue. the all criminal prosecution depending on the severity of the matter. the CCSD said.

What did say Las Vegas High School Principal?

Las Vegas High School Principal Ronnie Guerzon sent an email to all parents about the whole incident as per KTNV. In the email, the Principal wrote that “Earlier this week your student may have witnessed an altercation in one of their classes.” he wrote “Administration is aware and responding to this matter and it is being addressed through the appropriate channels.

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