Home News WATCH: Langa Fire Cape Town Video Goes Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Langa Fire Cape Town Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Langa Fire Cape Town Video Goes Viral On Social Media: In Cape Town, a fire broke out early on Saturday evening in the Joe Slovo formal settlement of Langa. The fire has stunned many people. The flames of the fire have touched the sky. Rescuers have removed the residents of that location. And they are trying to move the people from that location as much as possible. In this article, we gonna discuss how did the fire start there and how many people were injured. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Langa Fire Cape Town

Langa Fire Cape Town Video

A fire incident happened in the Joe Slovo Langa where many people were injured and some had lost their life. We don’t know how many people got killed during this incident. Reports say, 12 fire engines reached that location and tried to control the fire. But because the fire had covered all the areas. The firefighters need more people to calm the situation. They assigned a team in which two were dealing with two water rescues while the third team is assessing a structure that collapsed. During this incident,  20 bodies were buried. The team also started searching to find those bodies. The faces of those bodies were not recognizable. They need to conduct a deep investigation to find the body identities.

Cops have started their investigation and interrogated each and every person who belonged to that resident. If something would came up, then we definitely inform you. Rescuers and firefighters have cleared the area and they are still trying to get control of the fire. But it looks like situations are out of control. Every attempt failed against fire. The first tank was almost empty and they need more water to control the fire. They also called the second and third fire brigade vehicle but their tank was almost finished. But when they called the dozens of vehicles together to control the fire then they controlled the fire.

Now cops and other firefighters were clearing out the place and they are finding the persons who got injured during this incident. Many say, hundreds and hundreds of people died during this incident and no one will save them. But these are just statements that are made by people. The actual truth is yet to became out. If anything would came then we definitely inform you. Until then, we can only pray for those who got severe injuries.

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