Home Entertainment WATCH: Kylie Jenner Announces Second Pregnancy With Instagram Video

WATCH: Kylie Jenner Announces Second Pregnancy With Instagram Video


WATCH Kylie Jenner Announces Second Pregnancy With Instagram Video Kylie Jenner s making headlines and there is good news for her fans. You will also be going to get great news and this will definitely make you happy. The most renowned and well-known personality is pregnant once again. This is the second time she is pregnant. The news of her pregnancy is creating buzz over social media. The fans are now sharing this news to their social media account and they are blessing her a lot. She is a blessed mother of one girl child and the other is on its way.

Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Video

Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Video

The news of her pregnancy is confined to her through a video posted by Kylie on her Instagram account. She posted a video on Tuesday. A video she shared on Instagram is one minute and thirty seconds long. In a vision, her fans can see that she is showing her pregnancy confirmation kit which tested positive. Then she goes to the hospital for her regular check-up and ultrasound along with her boyfriend and daughter Stormi. Then she comes back and shows the ultrasound reposts her mother, the reaction of her mother is so mesmerizing and she is super happy.

In a caption, she tagged her boyfriend and also posted a heart and pregnant lady emojis. Many outlets have been released the news of her pregnancy and are now confirmed by her also. So in a video, we can see that Kris Jenner asked her daughter after seeing a Sonography that “are You pregnant?’ And she further says that “this isĀ  the best day of my life.”

‘Where Kim Kadarshyin also responses to the pregnancy of Kylie, by saying that, “More babies, More Cousins.”

Kylie tried to keep her first pregnancy private and when she gave birth to Stormi after this she unveiled it. Kylie told to Cohen that, “I was too young to become pregnant and it a lot for me. Well, I was in a confusion that how I could bring news of my pregnancy in a public. Well, then I thought that it is a thing which I must have to handle by myself.”

She is the youngest billionaire and one of the wealthiest girls in her family. The youngest billionaire in her family. Her fans took to Twitter and they are congratulating her. Even her pregnancy video on Instagram is getting viral and the comment section is jammed up with congrats messages and numerous blessings.

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