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WATCH: Video Of Footballer Kicking His Cat & West Ham Player Kurt Zouma Kicking Cat Video On Twitter And Youtube


WATCH: Video Of Footballer Kicking His Cat & West Ham Player Kurt Zouma Kicking Cat Video On Twitter And Youtube: A horrific video is circulating all over the web in which a cat owner is behaving badly with his pet. As per the latest report, The West Ham star (27-years-old) is also watched slapping on the face of his pet. The dreadful sight footage started with West Ham star Zouma dropping the cat and booting it across the floor of the kitchen, prior to the petrified puss scrambling away. Since then the terrible footage comes fore, the Premier League act faced backlashes and negative comments from the side of the netizens. The club has condemned his terrible actions and will “deal with the matter internally”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kurt Zouma Kicking Cat Video

Kurt Zouma Kicking Cat Video

The defender of West Ham is watched attacking the cat at his $2million mansion whereas his brothers film him. The 27-year-old, Zouma drops the cat and boots it in the mid-air across the kitchen floor. After that, the French international then chases the animal around his dining room in front of a kid as the cameraman heard laughing. Zouma also throws a pair of designer shoes at the cat which frantically attempts to run away.

In a final clip, he is watched forcefully slapping the moggy in the face and out of the arms of the child. Last night, Zouma released a fawning apology for the attack and insisted it was an isolated incident. He stated that “I want to apologize for my actions. There are no excuses for my behavior, which I sincerely lament. I also want to say how deeply sorry I am to anyone who was disturbed by the video. “I would like to ensure everyone that our 2 cats are perfectly healthy and fine. They are cherished and loved by our whole family, and this behavior was an isolated incident that will not occur again.”


The Statement Of West Ham 

“West Ham United unreservedly criticizes the actions of our player, Kurt Zouma, in the video that has made rounds. We have talked to Kurt and will be dealing with the matter internally, but we would like to make it clear that we in no way favor cruelty towards animals.”

It is comprehended that the $30 million former Chelsea player was enraged that the Bengal a costly breed of a domesticated cat that seems like a small leopard messed up his home. A source stated that “It looked that Kurt had got enraged at the cat for accidentally smashing some sort of vase and ripping down a light fixture from the cupboard of the kitchen. But what he does next is absolutely not acceptable. Kurt kicks it, hurls shoes at it, and then slaps it.

The terrible footage was filmed by Yoan the brother of Zouma and uploaded to Snapchat on Sunday afternoon, 6th February 2022.

These days Social Media on the trendiest and everyone around the world is highly active on social media platforms. And any sort of content can get viral on it and it will make a star but also dragged you in the infamous limelight too. Well, something like this has happened with Kurt Zouma. As one of his videos is making round as he has been seen doing an inappropriate action. There are several animal lovers all around the world who are angry and disheartened to be witness this video of him.

Kurt Zouma video

So let us tell you guys that, The West Ham defender’s video is made around on the web and all the social media platforms especially on Twitter. XHe is 27 years old now and highly active on social platforms. Even after a renowned personality he had been caught behaving so cruelly to an animal. How can someone react like this to their pets? Isn’t their heart shivers a once before doing so? Aas pets are so cute and innocent and all they need love and care from us but some has a stone heart that they use to be treat their pets bad.

What has been the leaked video of West Ham player consist of?

So let us tell you guys that this video is consist of the most disheartening moment. The player was involved in the unbelievable act. He has been seen attacking his pet, he has a cat, and all the kicks her. This looks so heartbreaking in a video as he did this full force. this is so disheartened that show can do this to their pet. He is seen slapping a cat’s face so hard and kicked too.

But now he is taking over to his social accounts and asking for an apology to his fans and all the animal lovers too. As there were no excuses for his actions, his act deeply breaks the true heart of his fans that he can be the one who did to his pet cat.

While in his apology he has been asking for his fans and followers to forgive him. And he also tell that two of his cats are healthy. He further ensures his fans that this will not be going to be repeated again. But the social media is complete against him and reacted angrily.

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