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WATCH: Ken Singleton Accident Video Explained: High-Risk Racing Humorous Automotive Fire


WATCH: Ken Singleton Accident Video Explained: High-Risk Racing Humorous Automotive Fire: As you all know, accidents happen at any time. There is no fixed date that tells you what’s gonna happened next. Even if it happens to someone, then we pray to God that whoever is injured, that person should be saved. Today, in this article, we gonna tell you that a sports athlete who was very popular these days has recently lost his life. Yes, he died. His name was Ken Singleton. One who loves to play baseball games and is ready to play anytime. No matter whether it is day or night. If you call him then he showed up. He didn’t let the negative voices inside his head.  He was so crazy about the sports in which he can do anything. In other words, sports running in his veins. In this article, we gonna how Ken Singleton died and what the death caused. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Ken Singleton Accident Video Explained

Ken Singleton Accident Video Explained

Kenneth Singleton was born on June 10, 1947. He was an American former skilled baseball participant and a former TV sports activities commentator. Her father’s name is Joe Singleton and his mother’s name is Lucille Singleton. In the baseball game, he performed as the outfielder where he practices to sharpen his skill. He designated hitter in Major League Baseball for the New York Mets, Montreal Expos, and Baltimore Orioles.


High-Risk Racing Humorous Automotive Fire

Ken Singleton Accident Video Explained


Talking about how did he die, so he met with an accident on an airplane. He took the flight from Texas to return home. But after taking off, pilots hear the sounds of warning signals where they don’t know what’s going on but after looking into the screens, they notice that a technical issue came in which they tried to stop the plane but they didn’t do that because of brakes fail. The plane starts catching fire. Half the plane was in flames.

Looking at this, Singleton alerted that the whole plane caught the fire and he tried to take out the passengers from the plane as much as he can. But unfortunately, he couldn’t save himself. When his turn came to get out of the plane, it was too late. Half of his body was in a fire and barely he could walk. Almost 26% of his body was burned. His fingers, his face, his legs all were injured. Luckily, paramedics came and they put him on the ventilator but the next day, doctors couldn’t save him and he lost his life.

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