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WATCH: Katse Dam Lesotho Into Life Once Again Video Explained


WATCH: Katse Dam Lesotho Into Life Once Again Video Explained: This was the first time that Katse Dam broke all the records where the dam reached 2053.21 meters above sea level195 which is 100. 37 maximum capacity, resulting in water spilling over the dam over a decade. The Lesotho Highlands Water Authority (LHDA), a multi-phased project to provide water to the Gauteng region of South Africa and generate hydroelectricity for Lesotho has announced that the overflow causes heavy rains which ultimately destroys the country structure and causes heavy floods, and now the country was currently experiencing. The disaster happened a day after the dam was supposed to be relieved by releasing water into the rivers downstream for three days. The three-day water reprieve concluded on January 15, according to a press release published by LHDA last week. The water was released while the levels were at 2049.03 meters above sea level, according to the administration, which was four meters before the overflow. A similar disaster occurred at the multi-billion-dollar Maloti dam in 2011. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Katse Dam Lesotho

How was Katse Dam Lesotho built?

The Katse Dam a concrete arch dam on the Malibamat River in Lesotho is Africa’s second-largest double curvature arch dam. Now the dam is part of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project which will eventually include five large dams in remote rural areas. The dam is located immediately below the junction of the Bokong River and the Katse reservoir’s western arm. Ninham Shand, a South African civil engineer, saw the project’s potential in 1953 as a way to enhance the water supply of South Africa’s industrial heartland on the Witwatersrand. The World Bank facilitated a pact between the South African and Lesotho governments, allowing the project to move forward.

Katse Dam Lesotho Video

What happened to people who live in the Gauteng region of South Africa?

Many people who live in that area are facing difficulties like their houses are broken, their family members were lost, living expenses are becoming higher and higher, they did not find enough water to drink as most of the water is salty and dirty. People need help in that area. Some people are providing basic amenities by delivering through helicopters and some are trying to get out of from here. Talking about the dam, some have started to repair the dam structure and try to control the overflow of water. People takes this situation very seriously and started to stop this overflowing. Because if the water continues to flows then it will damage the whole structure of the country. Follow this site to get the latest news.

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