Home News WATCH: John David Duggar Plane Crash Video Goes Viral on Social Media

WATCH: John David Duggar Plane Crash Video Goes Viral on Social Media


WATCH: John David Duggar Plane Crash Video Goes Viral on Social Media: The 32-year-old, John David has a commercial pilot license.  He also runs a Medic Corps which is a non-profit organization that positioned aircraft in order to help provide disaster relief. As per the latest report, John David Duggar collided with his plane and dialed 911 in a flight emergency just weeks prior to his brother Josh being found guilty on the charges of Child pornography. A Wavery, Tennesse Sheriff’s Department exclusively affirmed to the journalist that the Piper PA-30 collided on the 29th of October, 2021 at around 07:00 PM. The mouthpiece stated: “A family from Arkansas ran out of fuel and landed in a field.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

John David Duggar Plane Crash

John David Duggar Plane Crash

Fortunately, there were no wounds and the plane was explained as a “loss” from the damage. Dispatch affirmed to the reporter that John David piloted the plane and put in the 911 call. No medical was called. The National Transportation Safety Board is presently investigating the crash. As per the accident report obtained by a reporter, the plane suffered “substantial” damage.

The use of the aircraft was for “personal” use. The time duration of the flight lasted just 5 minutes, as per online aviation records. The 6 seat plane had 3 passengers on board. The news of the crash was first reported by Without A Crystal Ball and affirmed from a source that Abbie (29-years-old) the wife of David and daughter Grace (2-years-old) were the passenger on board.

The History of Flight

The Piper PA-30 Fixed Wing Multi-Engine is registered to the company of John David “Medic Choppers LLC.” The firm obtained the plane on the 20th of July, 2020. John David received his commercial pilot license just weeks after the crash on 14th November 2021, as per the Federal Aviation Administration. He also has a license as a flight instructor.

Abbie the wife of John David flies as well and earned her student pilot certificate on the 20th of August 2020. Flying is a common interest for the couple, as John David proposed to Abbie enclosed by planes. They also took marriage pictures at an airport. The two often fly together to commemorate holidays and milestones, as they informed their pregnancy with their daughter Gracie while on a plane. They held a baby onesie that read “Baby commuter on board.”

Abbie commemorated her birthday in the month of April at the Sun ‘n FUN airshow in Florida. Josiah and Jeremiah brothers of John David and brother-in-law Austin Forsyth all have their pilot licenses.

The Trouble Of Brother

The horrific accident comes just 1 month prior to his older brother Josh’s child p**nog*aphy trial began. Josh the 33-years-old was apprehended and charged with getting and possessing child po**ography in the month of April 2021. He was found guilty of possessing and getting child p**nog*aphy on 9th December after a closely 2-week trial.

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