WATCH: Johanna Farber Close Up Original Footage Video: Johanna Farber Deletes Instagram Controversy: It seems like this is happening for the second time of the year, a broadcaster has apologized for focusing on a specific part of a female sports star’s body in one of the competitions, it seems like the camera crew lost focus, there was a close up of Johanna Farber’s buttocks.

Johanna Farber

Johanna Farber Close Up Original Video and Pictures

Johanna Farber is at the age of 23, she has shared a message on Instagram as she slammed the coverage starting it to be disrespectful and upsetting for her, she further stated she was embarrassed that there are thousands of people who saw the clip in slow motion on national television and social media.

She has received an apology letter from governing body of sport climbing after there was a close-up shot of her bottom which was telecasted during the world cup championships which were taking place in Russia. This has been the second occasion this year when the climber has been subjected to inappropriate coverage of her event, this earlier took place in June when she asked people to stop sexualizing women and to start appreciate their performance.

Johanna Farber Deletes Instagram After Close Up Controversy

It was being focused on during the broadcast, the broadcast was of the Climbing World Champion which was being held in Moscow, this has been stated according to multiple reports, there has been an apology which has been issued by the International Federation of Sport Climbing, basically, the governing body has issued an apology directed towards the player.

They have stated, the federation is deeply apologizing to Johanna Farber, Austria climbing, and all of the athletes, they further went on to state, they are apologizing to the whole sport climbing community for the images which were being broadcasted during the women’s Boulder semi-final at the IFSC Climbing World Championship.

It has been further stated, IFSC condemns such an act and the way a human body has been represented and they are going to be taking fitting action in order to avoid such kind of mistakes in the future, they are doing this to protect the athletes. It has been stated by the IFSC president naming Marco Scholaris has chipped in with her own personal statement.

He stated he condemns the broadcast and he gave a reference to a past incident that involved inappropriate imagery of Farber on television, he further stated how many times things have to go wrong in order for us to realize our mistakes, the host broadcaster has also issued an apology after airing the inappropriate images during the world cup.

The athlete has stated about the incident on her Instagram page, “honestly, wtf”, Showing such a  clip in slow motion on National Television and on youtube live stream is so upsetting and disrespectful. She further stated she is an athlete and she takes part in these events to show her best performance.

She further stated she felt really embarrassed after she got to know that millions of people have watched this, she stated people need to stop sexualizing women and they need to start appreciating their performances. It is saddening to see such a thing has happened, the federation is going ahead with an investigation and there are going to be some revelations in the coming days.


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