Home News WATCH: Jashawn Boyd Essex County Jail Fight Video Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Jashawn Boyd Essex County Jail Fight Video Viral On Social Media


WATCH: Jashawn Boyd Essex County Jail Fight Video Viral On Social Media: A video from the Essex County Jail is getting viral and also scattered on the social media platform. The video was first posted or shared on Reddit from where it begins to be circulating on other social platforms. As the user keeps on sharing it to their account. For those who have yet not watched a video, we are here to update you with content in the video. The victim in the video is named Jashawn Boyd. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jayshawn Boyd Newark

Who is Jashawn Boyd?

Jashawn Boyd is a young American who has been faced prison due to a domestic altercation in the month of September. Later the investigation report had been cleared that he is a Schizophrenic patient and then he was also sent to a Psychiatry hospital for his treatment after which he was brought to jail. Sadly a video of him is getting viral all around the social platform pin which we can see that he has been beaten up by the gang in prison. They keep on beating him up with whatever in their hand. It this so disheartened that he is being beaten like this.  This act is not acceptable at all and the gang is gonna face punishment.

Jashawn Boyd Essex County Jail Fight Video

The video of him reached his family and then they filed a case against him and his family. After witnessing the video they just filed a case against the Essex County Jail and his lawyer is all set to take this to the court and let the gang face the punishment. So as per the sources guards were also present at the moment and they still did not take any serious action against the gang, not even the officials.

In CCTV footage we can see that the gang of seven men is beating him with all tey stuff they had in their hands while a shirtless man also throughs an oven at him. No one is helping him and even the guards are also witnessing and everything. Now the victim is in hospital and he is facing an induced coma.

Here is the name of the attackers Byad Lockett, Darryl Watson, Isaac Jackson, Tyshon Armour, Henry Asencio, Jaquil Anderson, and Maurice. They are now facing a third-degree torcher after doing this act. Boyd was faced prison as he was alleged for attempting domestic violence with his mother and brother. But he had been suffering from Schizophrenic.

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