WATCH: Jack Wright Youtube Video Address Sienna Mae Assault Allegations: A video of a Tik Tok star Jack Wright and create Sienna Mae Gomez is getting viral all over the web. Everyone is excited to know what is inside the video.  So Wrights has been to the other social platforms and he has been opened up more about the viral video of him and the creator Sienna. So let’s not delay anymore and get into the article below. Both often use to be published their content on their youtube channel also. Other than this the content in the viral video is consist of something inappropriate. Follow More Update On

Jack Wright Youtube

Jack Wright Youtube Video

Wright was in the headlines in the year 2021 due to the sexual assaults allegations against him which had been imposed by one of his fellow creators. But at that time he chooses to remain quiet and said nothing.  Whereas he finally breaks his silence on this and comes up with some of the evidence too. He claimed that there was hostility between both sonic they were working tighter. He even used to elaborate the pattern. He said that “they break into his house with wright waking up like her hands into his pants.”

Jack Wright Address Sienna Mae Assault Allegations

He further said that it was all so normal for him. Whereas he also claims that he was stupid to be so nice and in it, he was sticking around so many times. He also said, “I know he had been stuck badly into her acting, all she was trying to be making my fool and i who was so nice to her. She tried to act like she is so in love with me and care for me but it was all fake from her side. And one night she do some of that stuffs with me.”

When the videos were shown in which Gomez alleged that she had been facing sexually assaulted by teg 18-year-old, after which she took her step back from the social media platforms. But in July she returned, the Tik Toker Denise all the allegations against him from her side. And he even said that she tried to be so sweet and cared for him which seems that it was all real from her side. Now he finally breaks his silence and also shared some of the messages from a side of a person who had been also going through the same incident. He is trying to do his best to prove himself innocent and as per the evidence, he might be innocent.


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