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WATCH: Island Boy Rappers Booed Video Viral on Social Media


WATCH: Island Boy Rappers Booed Video Viral on Social Media: There was a song which was viral recently, the song is made by The Island Boy who has done a freestyle rap with the signature line “I’m an island boy”, the freestyle rap has gone completely viral on the internet, the song is getting mocked on the internet, you can listen to the rap later in the article, the video is showing the two island boys who are twins. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Island Boy Rappers Booed

Island Boy Rappers Booed

The twins belong to Florida, the name of the boys are Kodiyakredd and Flyysoujla, they are seeing rapping off-key in a pool which looks like a hot tub, the phrase seems to have taken off online, the twins have been gaining a lot of attention on Tik Tok and Instagram, there are many people who are making TikTok videos as they are making fun of them.


Many of the people are saying that they just can’t get over the tune out of their heads which seems to be a bad thing as most of the people are making fun of their lyrics and are being mocked by many of the users on the internet, Flyysoulja has also written on his Instagram “We the trending topic, now u know”.

Island Boy Rappers Booed Off Stage Video

As per LadBible, viral rappers Flyysoujla and Kodiyakredd, are notable for their song ‘Island Boy’ who was recently invited to Miami’s Club Liv. Unfortunately, the appearance didn’t go down too well with the audience.


There is now a viral video which has since been reposted a number of times, the clubbers are heard booing the ‘Island Boy’ rappers, it didn’t seem to stop Flyysoujla, and Kodiyakredd from continuing the performance, as they say ‘the show must go on’. It seems like the rappers are going to think twice before performing at some stage.

It has to be said, what the rappers have put out there, is not at all a good rap and this is not even an individual opinion as of this point in time, it is just a fact that their rap was completely whacked, they are a meme material as of this point in time, it is just sad that how unaware these guys are they really think people are going to love their rap and that too on stage.

This was always going to end up this way, the rappers haven’t commented on this as of this point in time, we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar.

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