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Watch Imlie Today’s Episode 15th January 2021: Dhruv Brings a Gift For Everyone


We are back with the upcoming update of favorite serial imlie. In today’s episode, you will see Dhruv’s entry into the house. Dhruv brings a gift for everyone and asks Sundar to distribute it to a family member. While family members are upset because they couldn’t eat the rice pudding made by Malini. Malini comes and apologizes. She again made the pudding. She says she will have the kheer after she has a conversation with Adi. While Aditya is somehow performing all the rituals in pagdandiya.Back in Delhi Aparna is telling the rituals for Makar Sankranti. Kids of the house are missing imlie as she has promised them to teach kite making.


Sundar says I will teach you helicopter making and also how to fly it. Aparna says to Sundar that tomorrow is Makar Sankranti and only kite making will be done. In pagdandiya mithi have served Aditya and imlie food together. But imlie stands up by saying that she is not hungry and goes to make kites. Later Aditya brings food for imlie and says that he knows she stands up from food just because of me, but now you can have your food. Imlie thanks him for not saying anything io front of her family members.

While Aditya and Imlie and talking, Aditya says that I don’t know why every time I have to lie to your family as well as my family. There is some relation to all of them. Satyakam comes and says his talk with the government has no impact as their thinking will remain the same for our cast. On the other hand, Aditya is thinking to tell everything to Satyamkam about his and Imlie fake relationship.

Imlie is trying to stop Aditya from telling this. At night imlie gives two blankets and a water bottle to Aditya and says, this is for your better sleep and she also says to ask her if he needs anything in the middle of the night. She says I have kept both things so that that you can have good sleep. Later Imlie friends ask her about her city house. Imlie’s tells them everything while reminding all the memories from that house. Each moment flash out in front of her eyes. this is it for today’s episode. Stay tuned for more updates and catch the full episode at star plus from Monday to saturday.


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