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Watch Imlie Serial Today’s Episode 9th March 2021 Written Update: Imlie Aditya Get Frusted and Yells On Malini


Here we are with another latest written update on “Imlie” of 9th March 2021. In the last episode, Imlie went to her home. And her parents use to shower a lot of love on her while she tells them that they treating her like a VIP or Guest. Mithi says to her don’t say so. But Dulari says it will be better if she is just the guest for us as they might not able to through her out of the house.

Imlie Serial

Satyakam uses to scold Dulari for her words but she again replies rudely by saying she must be not here. Satyakam tells her to keep quiet as she is alive because of imlie only.  Dulari says what will he do if Imlies’s inlaw through her out of the house, a father of daughter says then he will not going to spare anyone after this. Later Mithi uses to asks her if everything okay as imlie is here without informing everyone. Imlie replies that she had a bad dream and wants to meet her family as she gets tensed after that dream.

While everyone uses to tell Imlie to call her inlaw and inform that she is here with us. Mithi says to Imlie don’t worry as everything will be fine and god is there to listen to her prays. Dulari on the other side says there might be something definitely wrong. Adi disagrees with the family’s decision to go to Pagdandiya. Imlie talks to Tauji and uses to tell her why she leaves without informing anyone. Everyone use to talk Imlie on call and tells her that they tensed for her.

Adi /wonders that why everyone is so tensed for her. on the other side Imlie gets emotional and she is crying sitting outside her house. Later Imlie and her brother hug each other and involve in a cute fight. And they continue it by asking several questions to each other. Whereas Prakash uses to tell her that it is there he might not let her marry that person. Keep following us for more such updates on “Imlie” to don’t forget to watch the full episode on “Star Plus’ at 8:30 Pm.

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