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WATCH: Helicopter Helicopter Video song on TikTok trend explained


WATCH: Helicopter Helicopter Video song on TikTok trend explained: One song which is currently grabbing the eyeballs of the netizens is now making the headlines of the newspaper. All over the TikTok platform, “The Helicopter Helicopter” song is trending and according to us we can all agree that it is the least kind of FOMO when you have no idea why thousands and hundreds of people are spinning on the spot singing “Helicopter Helicopter”. But rest claimed your FOMO is about to be over as we are about to describe everything to you. Beginning with what exactly this meme is about and where this song came from and seizes the attention of everyone. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Helicopter Helicopter Video

Helicopter Helicopter Video

Where Does The Song “Helicopter Helicopter” Come From?

The Helicopter Helicopter song comes from a Bosnian artist called Fazlija. The song is originally called Helikopter and was posted on Youtube in the year 2015. It gives the information of the love of the singer for an adorable and beautiful lady, he says he will send a helicopter and throw money into the azure just for a chance at being in love with each other. No doubt, the song is quite iconic. The Youtube video has collected over 8 million views whereas the most famous TikTok video using audio has over 43 million views. Readers can listen to or watch the original video on Youtube.




♬ Helikopter – Fazlija

The music video trend itself views TikTok users rotating something around and around in the style of helicopter blades. Normally individuals are left either rotating themselves around or entirely random objects. This trend is quite creative, one social media user was just spinning around on their fore in the kitchen. Although the most famous video showcases a dog wearing a propeller hat and twerking- it is a real mix.



♬ Helikopter – Fazlija


Other users, though pair the song with a classic meme from the Vine age- one acknowledge video being a teen whose go-kart spun out of control on the racking track. Whatever way you watch it, it is clear that this song particularly is making some hilarious moments and sparking some serious creativity on social media platforms, and there is no saying where the trend will go next.

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