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WATCH: Helen Zille Video Opens Assault Case After Frog-Marched’ Out Of Voting Station Viral on Social Media


WATCH: Helen Zille Video Opens Assault Case After She Is ‘Frog-Marched’ Out Of Voting Station Viral on Social Media: There has been a bizarre altercation which has played out at Fernwood Primary School which is in the Eastern Cape, the altercation took place in the afternoon, it seems like DA Helen Zille has been forcibly ejected from the voting station by the police officers, the reason as of yet is unspecified. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Helen Zille Video

Helen Zille Video: Dragged Away

The Bethelsdrop facility seems to be currently tallying up the local votes for the year 2021 Municipal Elections, the onlookers were left horrified as they caught a glimpse of Zille who was being dragged away by a police officer, we are still waiting on a number of confirmations when it comes to the details.

We have an understanding that Helen Zille has gone on to file a formal complaint against the police and she has opened up a cause of assault against the hands-on cops, a video of the incident has also been uploaded online.

Helen Zilla Clashes With Officials

When we talk about the day, Helen Zille had seem to register her disappointment as the staff which was operating the voting station at Fernwood Primary, are berating election officials for their poor training and the frustrating manner in which they were operating, the 70-year-old escalated the matter,

Heat On The Election Day

This incident has happened just after a Newsroom Afrika journalist has also been on the receiving end of some heavy-handed treatment from the authorities, Ziniko Mhalba got arrested while he was on-air, he allegedly entered a voting booth without proper media accreditation.

The reporter has denied the allegations and he has since been released from custody, it is not the first time that the tensions are high on the voting day but this time the authorities are going all out and this seems to be a step too far, Helen Zille was not injured though, he was harmed following the brush with the law.

It seems like tensions are pretty high on the voting day and the authorities need to understand that they need to use their power in a mature manner, they don’t need to drag people and arrest them with brutal force, if someone is in the wrong then there are better ways to address the issue rather than using brut force just to prove your point.

There are going to be further updates on the situation and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further updates on the situation which is developing because of the elections.

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